Police launches awareness on traffic control light

On 21 August 2021 at 06:03

Traffic lights are installed at intersections to control traffic flow and to prevent fatal crashes that may result from related violations.

They tell motorists and pedestrians what they must do at intersections along roads. They guide road users when to stop and go, when and which direction to turn, and to drive with extra caution.

To ensure maximum respect for the traffic control lights, Rwanda National Police (RNP) has started a campaign aimed at reminding motorists and other road users on their responsiveness to prevent accident.

The campaign was launched on Friday, August 20, at Muhima, Nyarugenge District as RNP engaged drivers, taxi-moto operators, passengers and pedestrians on responsible road usage, particularly respect for traffic lights.

“The purpose of this campaign is to remind road users that it is their responsibility to ensure safer road usage... that to be safe on the road starts with you, your behaviours and practices when using the road.

This is part of the usual campaigns, which were stopped by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, to remind everyone of their responsibility to save lives by respecting traffic control sign-posts, especially traffic lights," CP John Bosco Kabera, RNP spokesperson said.

He added that although drivers go through the learning process to understand traffic rules and regulations as a prerequisite to acquire a driver’s license, they tend to ignore or pay little attention to road panels and signs, leading to fatal accidents.

He added that RNP has increased the use of technology to control and manage the traffic flow, and to identify violators.

The force has installed CCTV and speed cameras, however, it will soon launch Red-Light Cameras (RLC). The RLC is an automated system that detects and captures images of automobiles entering an intersection after the traffic signal controlling the intersection has turned red.

CP Kabera further reminded motorists to respect pedestrians cross-walks commonly known as zebra crossing. He also urged pedestrians to use the cross-walks where they exist and to cross at traffic lights, when they are given a green pedestrian light.

ACP Gerald Mpayimana, the commissioner for Traffic and Road Safety said that the red light cameras were thought about due to increased violations of traffic rules and regulations especially traffic rights, causing traffic jam and accidents.

“The red light cameras will reduce traffic jam often caused by the wrong stops and violations of road lines. With the red light cameras, when you drive over the road lines, they will detect the violation and you will also be fined for the offense," ACP Mpayimana explained.

ACP Gerald Mpayimana alerting road users to abide by road traffic rules particularly respecting traffic lights.