Police officers arrested over brutality

By Elina Jonas Ruzindaza
On 7 September 2020 at 02:06

Rwanda National Police has arrested and in process of prosecuting officers that have been identified to have used excessive force in line of their duties as they arrested suspects. The RNP spokesperson CP John Bosco Kabera said the culprits including those who shot dead civilians in Nyanza District and another who beat a resident to death.

There has been a spate of public outcry in recent days criticizing some police officers for breaking the law as they enforce lawful orders that includes shooting civilians and outright.

In an interview with the Rwanda Broadcasting Agency on Sunday, President Paul Kagame said he had heard of the issue, and had instructed the police top administration to address the issue.

CP John Bosco Kabera said it was inappropriate for the police to use excessive force, and that the police are going to make efforts to inform Rwandans of how such people are being prosecuted.

He cited examples of police officers who shot dead civilians in Nyanza District and beat a resident of Rwamagana to death, all of whom were being prosecuted.

“Police officers involved in the recent incidents of brutality have been arrested and investigations are ongoing,” CP Kabera said.

“A police officer who shot people to death on March, in Nyanza on a motorcycle, was arrested, is being prosecuted. He is in prison, but people don’t know what happened next.”

Police officer who recently beat a resident of Rwamagana District, Karenge is in courts litigation. Also, another one who recently shot to death a resident of Zaza in Ngoma is under investigation.

He further added that in addition to legal penalties, police officers are subject to disciplinary action including those that mistreat members of the public, those who harass citizens, those who provide poor services, and those who neglect duty, among others.