Police officers urged on strong collaboration with public for crime prevention

On 6 June 2021 at 05:24

The Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP) in charge of Operations, Felix Namuhoranye has reminded officers that close collaboration and engaging the public in security matters will create much impact in detecting and preventing crimes.

DIGP Namuhoranye made the remarks on Friday, June 4, while officially closing a four-day workshop on community policing held at the Rwanda National Police (RNP) General Headquarters in Kacyiru, which was attended by 110 Police officers.

The workshop, which was conducted why observing the COVID-19 prevention measures including prior negative test results, was attended by District Police Commanders and those from Police stations and other units.

It covered 30 keys aspects of policing including discipline, professionalism, Rwandan values, Ndi Umunyarwanda, crime prevention, role of the media in crime prevention, fighting terrorism, and the role of the public in ensuring own security and crime prevention.

Ndi Umunyarwanda loosely translated as ’I am Rwandan’, is a programme initiated to build a national identity based on trust and dignity.

“There are key things that define a safer and secure Rwandan; their social wellbeing, being food secure, living in safer zones free from natural disasters, being healthy and being able to provide security to neighbours,” DIGP Namuhoranye told the officers.

He added: “A hungry Rwandan, who will go to steal for survival will have committed a crime, but you can equally play a role to educate and show them the right direction to start small income generating activities, develop themselves, and that way you will be addressing the causes of crime.”

He urged them to actively engage the public in all policing activities adding that Police is accountable to them as partners and beneficiaries in crime prevention and sustainable security.

Other entities like local leadership structures, he added, should also be part of the policing and security matters.

“Ensuring security is not preventing crimes alone; always endeavor to get closer to the people, listen to their concerns and help them where you can and where you cannot refer their problems to others concerned institutions. You might find that the challenges they are facing are influencing them into unlawful acts,” said DIGP Namuhoranye.

He, however, commended the role of the public through community policing, which he said has played a big role in the current safety and security in the country.

A lot, he said, is still expected from them to farther the proactive agenda and to bring further change in the social welfare of the people.

The Deputy Police urged them to continue observing and enforcing the national COVID-19 prevention directive.

This is one of the three cohorts of 110 each, which will undergo the same training.

Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP) in charge of Operations, Felix Namuhoranye.