Police urges community policing agents against excessive use of force

On 11 September 2020 at 01:09

Rwanda National Police (RNP) has urged community policing groups that support enforcement of varied directives and fighting lawlessness, against applying excessive force.

While speaking in Waramutse Rwanda (Good morning Rwanda), a morning talk-show on Rwanda Television on Thursday, September 10, RNP spokesperson CP John Bosco Kabera warned that anyone implicated or caught in such human rights violations will be held accountable.

The warning follows an incident recently in Gatsata, Gasabo District, where three community policing agents were seen in a video assaulting a local resident, whom they apparently accused of violating the government directives against COVID-19.

CP Kabera said: "We have arrested Ildephonse Sindayigaya, Jean Bosco Karangwa and Elisa Ndahiro, security members at local level, who appeared in a video assaulting Evode Tuyisenge on September 8, in Gatsata Sector of Gasabo District.

Those, who assault people under the guise of fighting the spread of COVID-19 will not be tolerated and will equally face the law for their inappropriate behaviours and actions, which are unnecessary and uncalled for."

The three suspects are currently held at Gatsata Police Station pending further investigations into the alleged assault.

"Community policing partners like DASSO, Irondo (community night patrols), community policing committees and youth volunteers are playing a big role in supporting RNP to implement government directives meant to contain and combat the pandemic of Coronavirus," CP Kabera noted.

He, however, urged them not to violate the law or misuse their powers to break the law at the expense of the people’s wellbeing and lives.

"All security organs follow the law in the implementation of their duties and anyone whose conduct is viewed as inappropriate and use of unnecessary excessive force and contrary to the law, is individually held accountable," CP Kabera emphasised.

The spokesperson, however, urged the general public to comply with the directives instead of being forced, and to exhibit appropriate behaviours when caught in an violations and lawlessness by following given instructions.

"Do not exhibit any violent behaviours when caught or implicated in any wrong-doing. Comply, go where you are instructed to go."

In case of any abuse by Police officer, the public are urged to call 3511 (toll-free line), Inspectorate of Services and Ethics (ISE) on 0788311400 or Police Disciplinary Unit (PDU) on 0788311824