General public warned against mechanical inspection violations

On 27 January 2023 at 06:26

There is a new trend of owners of vehicles and drivers, who attempt to violate the automobile inspection regulations.

This week alone, four people have been arrested at Remera Automobile Inspection Centre (AIC) in Gasabo District and at the Mobile Test Lane in Gikondo, Kicukiro District as they tried to cheat the fuel emission test.

All of them had removed air filters from their vehicles so as to beat the gas emission test, having failed a number of previous inspections.

Some of them have also attempted to bribe Police technicians at the inspection centres, leading to their arrest for attempted bribery.

One of them identified as Jean Pierre Ukurikiyimfura, was arrested Thursday, January 26, at Remera AIC after Police, during the inspection, found that he had removed the air filter. The filter was recovered under the car seat.

His vehicle, registration number RAB 916N, Toyota RAV4 type, was also impounded.

"This is a new trend and owners of vehicles or driver should stand warned that any time such acts are detected, they will be arrested and the vehicle impounded," CP John Bosco Kabera, the Rwanda National Police (RNP) spokesperson, cautioned.

"If any mechanical fault is detected, fix it, bring you vehicle back for further roadworthy inspection, but any malpractices along the process will only lead to your arrest," he added.

Motor vehicle emissions are composed of by-products that exit from exhaust systems or other emissions such as gasoline evaporation – and they contribute to air pollution that has negative consequences on people’s health.

Meanwhile, CP Kabera also warned against using a driver’s license contrary to the intended vehicle category.

The warning also follows a number of cases in which people have been arrested especially driving trailers or trucks without the category.

One of them is Jean Pierre Ukurikiyimfura, holding category B driving license, who was arrested on Thursday, January 26, at Remera AIC, driving a trailer.

Trailers are driven by those holding category E driving license.

"This practice of driving vehicles without the required category is also becoming common. At least three cases are registered at automobile inspection centres everyday.

Driver’s licenses have classes that authorize one to ride a motorcycle or allow one to drive a certain class of vehicle. Valid driver’s license should be used for the intended class or category," said CP Kabera.