Pozo taking advantage of e-commerce to improve delivery services during Covid-19 pandemic

On 9 February 2021 at 11:34

Lockdown is among stringent measures taken to contain the spread of COVID-19 pandemic which has put global economy at a downturn and left many people jobless.

Food delivery, the provision of sanitary items, and electronic gadgets are among essential services needed in daily lives but people face difficulties to access them easily during lockdown.

However, customers using online marketplaces have got ease as they can place orders and receive goods from the comfort of their homes.

Since Rwanda imposed lockdown in March 2020, quite a number of people have been embracing online shopping as the easiest way.

Some online marketplaces have land-based stocks used to deliver to clients while others connect buyers and sellers through distributor’s website or application.

Pozo delivery is one of such companies tapping into online platforms to improve service delivery. Pozo delivery works with over 35 companies selling fresh, cooked foods and connects them to buyers.

Customers seeking to place orders of their choice can install Pozo delivery app to access details about available foods and partner companies.

After placing orders, foods are packed and delivered not later than 45 minutes from wherever in Kigali.

Considering the increased demand, the company’s management affirms that online shopping has been gaining momentum especially during lockdown.

Murenzi Herve, the Managing Director of Pozo delivery has told IGIHE that the youth were majority clients but elders also embraced online shopping as an alternative due to lockdown restrictions.

“The youth are normally active users of technology that they were accustomed to place orders. It is not easy to convince a parent to buy online, many of them prefer land-based shops to touch and taste their products before buying,” he said.

“The lockdown pushed them to place orders with us because they had no other alternatives. This gave them chance to witness our top notch services which they appreciated and continued to work with us,” added Murenzi.

As he explained, the lockdown increased clients to 70% which Murenzi considers a great improvement in e-commerce.

“We used to serve between 80 and 100 clients per day. The number has however risen to 120 clients from across Kigali placing orders on daily basis. This gives optimism fore-commerce to thrive because they have already witnessed how efficiency it is ,”revealed Murenzi.

In a bid to contain spread of Coronavirus pandemic, Pozo delivery has adopted cashless payment system.

“Clients would place orders and pay cash in hand upon arrival. We currently encourage them to use MoMo Pay to avoid cash in hand that could spread Coronavirus,” he said.

E-commerce continues to gain momentum in Rwanda as the Government continues to scale up efforts to promote technology and internet penetration. Currently, over 5 million Rwandans are internet users.

Pozo provides delivery services within Kigali city.