Practice safety tips in salons

On 14 May 2020 at 12:58

The new government measures to further combat and prevent the spread of Coronavirus, opened doors for some businesses.

Beauty salons and barbershops are among the businesses with a green light.

Needless to say, while getting a fresh haircut, getting your hair braided and other services, it should be done with utmost safety precautions.

Here are some COVID-19 risks and safety tips for Beauty Salons and Barbershops:
Use pre-booking. Walk-in appointments should be discouraged, ask customers to call-ahead or use online booking if you use one.

Symptom checking. If possible, check temperatures of staff and/or customers before they enter.

Social distancing rules still apply, except during services. Salons and barbershops should still maintain social distancing – keeping individuals one meter apart.

Customers and stylists be not less than one meter apart while services are performed.

Haircutting stations should be spaced, at least one meter.

Kick up your cleaning efforts. With COVID-19, step up your cleaning efforts. Sterilize tools and ensure stations are wiped down in between each client.

Wear face-masks. Both customers and employees should wear face-masks.

Practice safe hand washing and hand sanitizing. Ask clients to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering the salon. Employees should wash their hands in between all clients.

Let’s be safe by practicing safety practices. Individual responsibility and following all recommended healthy practices is key to beating the pandemic.