President Kagame congratulates Arsenal after 14th FA Cup victory

By Elina Jonas Ruzindaza
On 4 August 2020 at 07:45

President Paul Kagame on August 1, 2020, congratulated Arsenal after 14th FA cup victory with a 2-1 win over Chelsea FC at the Wembley Stadium.

Arsenal overcame their rivals, Chelsea, thanks to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang who scored two goals [in the 28th and 67th minutes], while Chelsea’s only goal was scored by Christian Pulisic in the fifth minute of the match.

Arsenal’s victory has delighted fans around the world, including President Kagame, who is dedicated to the club’s fans, The Gunners.

In a message posted on his Twitter wall, President Kagame expressed his happiness with Arsenal’s victory and the confidence of his fans.

“Bravo, Congrats ARSENAL for a well-deserved and needed win -FA CUP. We, FANS, and supporters kept Faith in you...going forward let’s aim at much bigger things. WE CAN... !!!” he said.

The victory automatically sees Arsenal secure a ticket into next season’s Europa League competition next year which guarantees bigger visibility for the Visit Rwanda brand.

Apart from being a fan of Arsenal FC, President Kagame is also one of the leaders who loves football and he even has a cup named after him, the Cecafa Kagame Cup.

On May 3, 2014, Arsenal presented him with a gift from former captain Tony Adams.
Tony Adams has revealed that the team has given him Arsenal football, three Arsenal dress t-shirts, and one with his name and number1.

In 2007, when President Kagame celebrated his 50th birthday, coach Arsene Wenger presented him with the club’s signature card with the signatures of all the players in his honor.

In October 2013, President Kagame was at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, when the team beat Napoli 2-0 in the UEFA Champions League.

At the time he was happy to watch the game. “I enjoyed watching football at the Emirates. Congratulations to Wenger and Arsenal on their return to victory.”
President Kagame has been an Arsenal fan since 1996, where he says he enjoys a good game they play whether they win or lose.

Arsenal has a relationship with Rwanda because for since May 2018 the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) has entered into a three-year partnership with Arsenal FC in the Premier League, making it the first sponsor in the hands of ‘balls, where they wear Visit Rwanda ’on their left hand for the senior team.

In early 2020, RDB announced that in its first year with Rwanda, Arsenal had made £ 33million and while expecting to earn £ 28 million. , and working with the British club had increased the number of tourists visiting Rwanda.

Rwanda’s tourism revenue reached $ 438 million in 2017, an increase of $ 34 million compared to 2016. It expects $ 800 million by 2024.

President Kagame expressed his happiness with Arsenal's victory and the confidence of his fans.