President Kagame criticizes recent UN Group of Experts Report on DR Congo

On 5 July 2023 at 05:00

President Paul Kagame has expressed his dissatisfaction with the recent report released by the United Nations Group of Experts on DR Congo. According to Kagame, the report fails to address the underlying causes of insecurity in the eastern part of the country, which is plagued by numerous armed groups.

In an interview with the national broadcaster as Rwanda celebrated its 29th Liberation anniversary on Tuesday 4th July 2023, Kagame criticized the report for its lack of insight into the real issues in the Great Lakes Region and its failure to suggest effective solutions.

Kagame questioned the purpose of such reports, raising concerns about whether they genuinely aim to resolve problems or simply serve to maintain the status quo while providing financial opportunities for certain individuals and countries.

He highlighted the report’s failure to adequately address the plight of Congolese refugees who have sought shelter in Rwanda due to persecution and hate speech in DR Congo. According to Kagame, the report falls short in its understanding of the problem and fails to offer viable solutions.

One of Kagame’s main criticisms is that the UN Group of Experts did not visit Rwanda to speak with the refugees who fled from DR Congo. He viewed this omission as a significant flaw that calls into question the credibility of the report. Kagame suggested that the experts’ reluctance to engage with the refugees may be indicative of bias or a predetermined narrative.

Kagame also criticized the report for its selective focus on certain armed groups, such as the M23 rebel group and the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), while disregarding the threat posed by the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR).

The President emphasized that over 120 armed groups operate in eastern Congo, including the FDLR, which is composed of genocidaires who have been integrated into Congolese Army (FARDC).

Kagame argued that the report downplays the existence and significance of the FDLR, distorting the overall understanding of the situation.

Moreover, Kagame expressed disappointment that the report did not provide a comprehensive analysis of the armed groups and their intentions. He expected the report to clarify the identities, actions, origins, and intentions of these groups, and to propose concrete actions to address the situation.

Kagame highlighted that the pacification of eastern DR Congo is not just about one country but also neighboring nations, including Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. He urged Rwandans to remain focused on their priority of ensuring the security of their nation and its people, regardless of the challenges and disturbances in the surrounding region.

DRC has been accused of collaboration with FDLR combatants.