President Kagame receives management of Bayern Munich

On 28 August 2023 at 01:40

Rwanda recently hosted the management team of Bayern Munich, the renowned German Football Club. During their visit last week, the delegation had the privilege to meet with President Paul Kagame, an avid supporter of sports development in the nation. A significant gesture of this encounter was the presentation of a specially signed jersey and football to President Kagame by the delegation.

Leading the club’s delegation was led by Andreas Jung, Executive Board Member. Their visit marked a significant milestone as it closely followed the formalization of a dynamic five-year partnership between Visit Rwanda and Bayern Munich. This monumental partnership, publicly unveiled during FC Bayern’s inaugural home game of the season, promises to usher in a new era of collaboration between the two entities.

At the heart of this partnership lies the commitment to nurturing football talent and promoting its growth within Rwanda. An integral facet of this initiative involves close collaboration with Rwanda’s Ministry of Sports to establish a robust football academy. This academy, envisioned as a beacon of football excellence, is set to play a pivotal role in bolstering the country’s football development.

Beyond the confines of the football pitch, an exciting facet of this partnership is the visible presence of Visit Rwanda branding on matchday LED boards. With the club’s magnificent 75,000-seater Allianz Arena poised to showcase this branding, it presents an incredible opportunity to showcase Rwanda’s natural beauty and inviting tourism prospects to a global audience.

The partnership extends its reach even further by encompassing various meticulously planned activities aimed at propelling tourism and investment ventures within Rwanda. These initiatives will not only highlight the nation’s remarkable tourism offerings but also underscore its potential as a lucrative investment destination.

The strength of this partnership lies in its forward-looking nature and commitment to fostering mutual growth. The agreement is set to remain in effect until 2028, providing both parties ample time to evaluate its progress and decide upon its extension or conclusion. This long-term perspective underlines the dedication of both Visit Rwanda and Bayern Munich in nurturing a partnership that stands to create lasting positive impacts.

President Kagame with Andreas Jung, Bayern Munich Board Chairperson.
The agreement between Rwanda and Bayern Munich is set to remain in effect until 2028.
Discussions between President Kagame and Andreas Jung were also attended by the Minister of Sports, Aurore Munyangaju Mimosa and CEO of Rwanda Development Board, Clare Akamanzi.