President Kagame welcomed with elegance in Nyamasheke

On 27 August 2022 at 01:25

It was glamour as President Paul Kagame arrived in Nyamasheke District on his third day of citizen outreach visits to Southern and Western Province.

President Kagame arrived in Nyamasheke on Saturday following his previous visits to Ruhango and Nyamagabe districts which began on 25th August 2022. He is expected to conclude his four-day visit on Sunday in Karongi District.

Unlike other parts of the country visited by the Head of State, Nyamasheke residents welcomed Kagame with unique elegance as mothers in traditional attires turned up at Kagano playground with milk chunks, traditional calabashes and pointed traditional baskets symbolizing wealth and milk sufficiency, thanks to positive transformations attained under his visionary leadership.

It was an opportune moment to commend residents for their contribution to national development, remind them of their role to consolidate gains and hear their problems.

Some of concerns raised by residents include the issue of houses located in high risk zones. The Mayor of Nyamasheke District, Appolonie Mukamasabo said that having a model village would help the district to resettle residents decently.

As he addressed thousands of residents and leaders present at the event, President Kagame promised quick access to pending infrastructures where it is possible. He also revealed that possible delays in doing so would be linked to ongoing efforts to raise funds.

The Head of State stressed that resettling residents in model villages comes with several advantages noting that the government is set to scale up efforts aimed at solving such issues.

“Regarding the raised issue of residents in disaster prone areas which in some instances adversely affect residents and lead to deaths, the government already has plans to relocate citizens from risky zones to decent locations and help them stay there safely. It has happened in different parts [of the country]. There is no reason for Nyamasheke to miss out,” he said.

During his visit, the President also interacted with residents, who praised his visionary leadership. The Head of State also gave a clear guidance on how best their problems could be solved and urged leaders to hear citizens’ concerns habitually and solve them.

President Kagame greeting mothers who turned at Kagano playground to welcome him with milk chunks and traditional calabashes.
The visit of President Kagame thrilled Nyamasheke residents.

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