Prime Cement on Rwandan market

By Elina Jonas Ruzindaza
On 2 September 2020 at 02:08

Prime Cement Ltd, in Musanze District in Northern Rwanda, has started distributing its cement to the Rwandan market.

Prime Cement Ltd on Tuesday, September 1, 2020, unveiled its new cement, confirming that it is now on market.

The factory was completed at a cost of more than Rwf37 billion. It is located in Kimonyi Sector in Musanze District in an industrial area known as Ruvunda.

Prime Cement has entered Rwanda to close the cement gap in the domestic market.

Rwanda needs 800,000 tons of cement per year while the country has a processing capacity of about 480,000 tons.

Rolf Anttila, CEO of Prime Cement Ltd, says their main goal is to increase the volume of cement produced in Rwanda and reduce imports.

“This is a day of joy for us, for the first time we are putting Prime Cement on the market. Our goal is to increase the volume of cement produced in Rwanda and close the gap in the market.”

Some of the major building materials traders and others in the construction projects say that they’re optimistic cement prices will stabilize as a result of Prime Cement LTD entry into the market.

Janabyere Musabyimana, who is in the construction business, said they were very happy with the proximity of the cement factory near them.

“Our businesses are bound to grow. Secondly, there was scarcity of cement that some had stopped their construction works. A bag would go for Rwf13,000, but Prime Cement costs Rwf9,500.”

Simpenzwe David, who is also in the construction business, said the cement was not easily available on the market.

Some of the facilities used to make Prime Cement include special volcanic rocks, which are widely available in Musanze, Burera, Nyabihu, and Rubavu Districts, as well as a variety of other chemicals.

The Prime Cement plant has capacity of making 600,000 tons at the start of the project, which is expected to increase to 1,200,000 tons in the next two years. The plant has already processed about 100,000 tons of cement.

Prime Cement specializes in building materials including cement, steel, electrical wires, paint, and more; operating in countries including Angola, Dubai, Rwanda, and South Africa.

Prime Cement is already on the Rwandan market
The plant aims to increase the volume of cement produced in Rwanda and close the gap in the market
The plant has a capacity of making 600,000 tons of cement per year, employing more than 100 professional workers.