Pyrethrum farmers receive price increment, cows

On 24 September 2022 at 01:28

Pyrethrum farmers from three cooperatives operating in Musanze and Burera Districts have expressed delight for receiving an increment of Rwf100 per kilogram. The price increment was announced recently on Wednesday 21st September 2022 at the celebration of pyrethrum farmers’ day where excellent ones were awarded cows while others received beddings.

These farmers revealed that the crop has helped them to improve their livelihoods and expressed delight for received cows from SOPYRWA and price increment which encourages them to continue working hard to achieve envisioned progress.

At least 50 farmers were given cows by SOPYRWA while 80 received beddings in Northern and Western provinces.

Elias Kanyamuhanda received a cow on behalf of his father who emerged among excellent pyrethrum farmers.

Aged 86, his mother has been growing pyrethrum for 48 years.

“I am the eldest son of that old woman. All my siblings are educated and have a good life, all because of the pyrethrum. In 1976 the pyrethrum helped us move from a grass thatched house into a decent house. We are thankful that the leadership has been extending support to pyrethrum farmers. It is also our great pleasure to receive cows as they will serve as source compost leading to increased quantity and quality yields,” he said.

Olivier Tuyizere, a 28-year-old resident of Shingiro sector in Musanze District, has been growing pyrethrum for three years. He attested that this farming changed his socio-economic status.

“It has changed my livelihood. I used to be in the first Ubudehe social-economic category but I have joined the second one. I have built a house in which I live together with a wife and children,” he said.

Marceline Nyiransabimana, who also lives in Shingiro Sector, said the Rwf100 increment per kilogram will help them fast track their development goals.

“Increasing the unit price gives us optimism for my family’s bright future. Besides, the received cow will help me get enough milk for my family and share with neighbors. We will expend much more effort to maximize to the fullest, all benefits from the agriculture of pyrethrum,” she noted.

Gabriel Bizimungu , the General Manager of HORIZON SOPYRWA, a company producing and processing pyrethrum, said that they increased pyrethrum’s unit price in consideration of rising food prices and farmers’ requests.

He revealed that they will assess the possibility to continue increasing it every year for farmers to generate good returns from their produce.

“It induces pride to see residents attain progress. It is a privilege for Rwanda that countries like China, USA, and others prefer our pyrethrum. This requires us to increase productivity. In light of this, we will do everything possible to make it. To help farmers preserve crops, we are going to build a decent dryer starting next week to avoid rain related ravages,” he said.

Fidèle Hakizimana, an employee from the National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB) assured farmers that pyrethrum is highly needed at the global market.

“Have you ever heard of a disease that affected maize? It was defeated by applying pesticides extracted from pyrethrum. Medicines from the crop were also used to fight Ubuganga [the Rift Valley Fever Disease]. You can understand how it is helping to change the lives of the people,” he said.

An excited old woman receiving a cow for her dedication to pyrethrum.
Excellent farmers received cows during the ceremony.
Pyrethrum is also used to produce pesticides.