Rapid COVID 19 testing program ensues in Kigali

By Elina Jonas Ruzindaza
On 3 July 2020 at 10:52

Ministry of Health has started an examining program to assess the severity of the COVID-19 epidemic in Kigali, as the number of infected people continues to rise and some parts of the City have been included in the lockdown Program.

The program which started on Thursday is expected to be carried out by various health authorities, including those in Kigali, those who are entering or leaving Kigali.
Minister of State in charge of Primary Health Care, Dr. Mpunga Tharcisse, told National Television that various test sites would be set up, making all the targeted categories visible.

Some of the test centers are; Stadium Remera, IPRC Kicukiro, and Camp Kigali in Nyarugenge District. For people traveling to and from upcountry, other test sites have been set up including Giti cy’Inyoni and Gatsata.

"We want to test everyone, especially people who are in different activities, those who are traveling in the city or those who are leaving the city to other places," Dr. Mpunga continued.

"We want to carry out 5,000 tests which we believe we can achieve in a week or two. What we want to know is the severity of the pandemic in different parts of the city."

It is an activity that must be done for free because it is in times of pandemic. He said that since in Kigali there are two million people who are not all tested, some are selected until the desired level is achieved.

According to Rwanda Biomedical Center, RBC, "Drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians will be required to take only five minutes, tested and continue their journey."

"We urge the people of Kigali to facilitate the work of these workers so that we can contain the pandemic. Let’s continue to work together #We will win # COVID19," he said.

As of Wednesday, there were 1042 people infected with Coronavirus in Rwanda, including 480 who had recovered and three deaths.