RDF reaffirms commitment to national security and development initiatives

By Esther Muhozi
On 1 March 2024 at 11:35

The Deputy Spokesperson of the Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF), Lt Col Simon Kabera, has issued a warning to those harboring intentions of attacking Rwanda, emphasizing that the country’s military and police remain steadfast in their duties to protect the nation. He highlighted Rwanda’s recovery as a testament to its ability to solve any challenges with whatever means necessary.

This message was conveyed yesterday on February 29, 2024, as Lt Col Kabera’s appeared on "Waramutse Rwanda" show broadcasted by RBA, which discussed the upcoming joint initiatives between the Rwandan military and police aimed at advancing the welfare of Rwandans over the next three months.

Joined by the Rwanda National Police (RNP) spokesperson, ACP Boniface Rutikanga, the discussion shed light on the collaborative efforts between these security organs, traditionally seen as operating independently.

The initiatives, kicking off on March 1, 2024, which is today will span all provinces in districts including Bugesera, Gasabo, Ngoma, Musanze, Burera, and Gisagara, under the theme "30 Years of Liberation through the Partnership of the National Defence Forces, Security Organs, and Citizens in the Development of Rwanda".

Lt Col Kabera assured that the RDF is well-equipped and professional, possessing the necessary capability, willingness, and strength to protect Rwandan citizens and prevent any destabilization efforts.

He cited Rwanda’s peacekeeping contributions to various countries as evidence of its commitment to security, arguing that if Rwanda can ensure peace abroad, it can certainly do so at home, allowing its citizens to live in peace and security.

The conversation also touched on the importance of distinguishing between words and actions, with Kabera criticizing those stuck in the past and spreading divisive rhetoric on social media, in contrast to the unity and development-focused discourse within Rwanda.

ACP Rutikanga echoed these sentiments, reflecting on the 30 years since Rwanda’s liberation, acknowledging the persistent challenges from detractors but affirming the country’s resilience and progress despite such adversities.

He highlighted a recent incident where two soldiers from the Democratic Republic of Congo illegally entered Rwanda but were apprehended by local citizens and handed over to security forces, showcasing the strong collaboration between the public and security agencies.

Both spokespersons emphasized their organizations’ roles in not only maintaining security but also contributing to the country’s development, with the upcoming joint initiatives set to include healthcare services, construction of bridges, schools, early childhood development centers, housing for the vulnerable, and the provision of solar energy and boats among other infrastructure projects.

The Deputy Spokesperson of the Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF), Lt Col Simon Kabera.