Relations with Rwanda and Kenya’s stand on DRC crisis through the eyes of Mutua

On 18 November 2022 at 08:58

Alfred Mutua, Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Foreign and Diaspora Affairs recently came to Rwanda for his maiden visit after assuming the duties.

He had previously served as the Governor of Machakos before his recent appointment when President William Ruto took over from Uhuru Kenyatta.

During his recent visit in Kigali last week, Mutua held talks with Rwanda’s State Minister for the East African Community (EAC) Affairs, Prof Nshuti Manasseh and later interacted with Kenyans living in Rwanda.

Speaking to IGIHE during his stay in Rwanda, Mutua talked about different topics including relations between Rwanda and Kenya and insecurity in eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Mutua explained that he came to Rwanda, specifically, because it is a very important country to Kenya with growing relations.

“The relationship with Rwanda has been growing, has always been close and we want it to be closer,” he said.

“We have great respect for Rwandans, the Government of Rwanda and we know that with the existing relationship, we can both grow economically,” added Mutua.

He highlighted that Kenya wants to work with Rwanda to share prosperity by taking down any problems that may stop trade and circulation of money among both countries’ people.

Regarding his country’s stand on insecurity in eastern DRC, Mutua said that the Kenyan Government subscribes to what President Paul Kagame said where ’African problems have to be dealt with by Africans and given African solutions’.

“We are part of that African Union thinking that we need to sort out our own problems. Kenya has been part of the peace building process. Our country has been working very hard to get peace in Tigray, Ethiopia. That is going very well, and now, we are committed fully with peace in the Great Lakes Region especially in the DRC,” he noted.

“DRC has been torn with violence for many years […] People have to know how to agree and disagree without having to fight and kill each other, without having to displace each other. So, it is in the interest of Kenya that we bring together all the groups that have issues on the table and discuss,” he added.

Mutua also expressed optimism that issues with rebel groups in Congo or others can be resolved by sitting down together.

“I think everybody will be happy and that will bring peace and stability in the region,” said.

Mutua said that his country is committed to finding a peaceful solution for crisis in eastern DRC.