Relatives of former Rwandan diplomat, Gasana Eugène condemn his wrongful acts

On 6 December 2020 at 10:30

The family of Eugène-Richard Gasana, the former Rwanda’s ambassador to the United Nations currently working with RNC (a terror group intending to destabilize Rwanda’s security), has issued a statement blaming the latter for his involvement in wrongful acts.

Gasana, 58, served as Rwanda’s ambassador to the United Nations in New York since 2012 until 2016. At the time, Rwanda replaced Gasana and summoned him but never returned to the country.

Since then, he was reported for involvement in different activities intended to destabilize Rwanda’s security. He is said to have coordinated RNC members’ discussions with the President of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in which he was asked to join their activities.

In March 2019, Gasana was part of discussions that brought together President Museveni and Charlotte Mukankusi , the head of diplomacy in RNC.

The letter from the family of Gasana to which IGIHE has a copy, signed by his sister Alice Gasana shows that the entire family was shocked to hear a relative involved in wrongful acts.

Apart from cooperation with dissidents intending to destabilize Rwanda’s security, he was recently reported to have raped two times, a Rwandan girl who was conducting an internship at the embassy in 2014.

“On behalf of the family, I, Gasana Alice wishes to take this opportunity to share my heartfelt feelings with Rwandans over things talked about my brother Eugène-Richard Gasana for more than four years,” reads part of the statement.

As the eldest sister in the family of four, she narrated a bit of Gasana’s history recounting how they lived together in Burundi and Europe.

She explained that, during his teenage hood, Gasana was kin on Laws though other people wanted Gasana to become a diplomat which finally came true.

“Concerning the brother I am telling you, it has been four years hearing bad news against him discomforting me, the entire family and other relatives. He was reported to have committed some acts individually and conspiring in other activities all of which disturbs the family and relatives,” noted Alice Gasana.

As the eldest and head of family, Alice Gasana, reacted on behalf of the family and relatives to condemn acts reported to her brother noting that it is against virtues acquired during childhood.

“That is why, I take this opportunity on behalf of the family to condemn and distance myself from shameful acts reported to my brother because they are against virtues we acquired during our childhood,” she said.

Alice Gasana highlighted that her brother should be held accountable individually because the family was not involved.

“We have been shocked as a family. We were extremely shocked to hear the name of a sibling reported in such shameful acts. I take this take to declare that the family is completely against the acts,” she said.

“Brother Gasana, I know well that you used to respect myadvises. As your commitment to apologize is still pending, I apologize on your behalf as a sibling.”

Eugène-Richard Gasana, the former Rwanda’s ambassador to the United Nations.