Relocation of reluctant residents from Bannyahe slum begins

On 16 September 2022 at 09:30

The Government of Rwanda has began the mass relocation of residents from Bannyahe slum in Remera Sector, Gasabo District of Kigali City who had previously resisted the request to voluntarily move to a model village built for them in Busanza, Kanombe Sector of Kicukiro District.

The mass relocation which began in the morning of Thursday 15th September 2022, followed a period of voluntary relocation where families willing to do so would approach leaders to facilitate their resettlement.

The exercise was initiated through collaboration between local leaders and security officials to ensure a smooth relocation.

It has been five years since the government announced plans to relocate families from the slum but residents expressed frustration against the decision and the expropriation model.

Residents claimed for monetary compensation but the government insisted that relocating them to a model village is the only durable solution lest they end up setting up in other slum areas.

On Thursday, some residents against the decision were reminded that the relocation is in their interests to leave hazardous zones prone to disasters. The area will be developed for projects of public interests that pose no threats to the population.

The Deputy Government Spokesperson, Alain Mukuralinda has said that the relocation goes on in a proper arrangement.

“Properly coordinated resettlement to decent places is the right of every Rwandan and the responsibility of the government to oversee its execution. The relocation of residents from Kibiraro and Kangondo to Busanza was planned ahead that no one will be subjected to harassment,” he said.

Théogène Ngendahayo from Kangondo II is among relocated residents. He received a unit comprised of one bedroom, a sitting room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet inside the building.

Despite initial resistance, he finally agreed to move to the new estate from a disaster-prone zone.

“I had many structures but their value is below the newly received shelter. I thank the government for overseeing our interests and the support extended to citizens to move to decent houses,” said Ngendahayo.

The man who had a small house with three bedrooms and a sitting room has called on reluctant residents to change their mindsets and leave the high-risk area.

The Deputy Executive Administrator of Kicukiro District, Adalbert Rukebanuka has said that the model village has all needed equipment and infrastructures for residents to lead dignified life.

“These residents are joining previously relocated batches and need not worry because their wellbeing and safety is guaranteed. Residents staying in this village range from different segments including public servants and traders among others. This should send a message to reluctant families that living here does not restrict them from continuing their businesses to feed their families and contribute to national development. They are welcome to the village,” he said.

Busanza Housing Estate is located in Kanombe sector in Kicukiro district. It is comprised of different blocks to accommodate families who were living in Kigali’s largest slum bringing together three zones; Kangondo I, Kangondo II, and Kibiraro I.

Each of resettled residents will receive a unit equivalent to his/her properties.

Bannyahe residents in preparations to board buses moving them to Busanza.
Residents from Bannyahe loading their luggage to move to Busanze estate.
Security officials were also present to facilitate the evacuation.
The view of a Busanza estate where residents from Bannyahe slum are being relocated.