RGB dissolves ADEPR church leadership

By Nicole Kamanzi M.
On 4 October 2020 at 08:17

Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) has decided that the entire leadership of the Association of Pentecostal Churches of Rwanda (ADEPR) has with immediate effect been dissolved and an interim committee is to take over the church’s reigns.

The RGB has decided to suspend the ADEPR leadership after years of wrangles and infighting and allegations of mismanaging the church’s funds.

RGB dissolved the general assembly, the board of directors, the executive committee (bureau) and the arbitration committee and are all supposed to hand over to the interim team on Thursday, October 8.

RGB faults Reverend Ephreim Karuranga, the church’s spokesperson and top-most leader and his team for bad governance, poor performance and cooperation.

“Most of these problems have been around for some time and the leadership did not take steps to resolve them. Governance and functioning continued to be marred by divisionism and disturbing the peace of ADEPR members”, reads the statement in part.

The Governance Board also in its analysis found that the flaws in the laws governing the functioning and management of the staff and property of ADEPR and did not provide a lasting solution to the problems in the church.

Hence, continues the statement, "RGB decided to suspend the church leadership as the problems are taking another turn. This development is in the interest of ADEPR members."

Headed by Karuranga, the Executive Bureau assumed the leadership of the church on March 17, 2018 following an election.

The 2018 elections followed a nine-month transitional leadership that followed the resignation of Bishop Sibomana and Tom Rwagasana.

The executive committee consisted of the Spokesperson (Karuranga), his deputy John Karangwa, the Secretary General, White Leader Paul; and Jean Paul Ntaganda, who acted as the Financial and Economic Advisor.

The former director of finance and administration, Aurélie Umuhoza was installed interim leader until the new committee is sworn in.

The development was announced in a statement signed by Usta Kayitesi, the CEO of Rwanda Governance Board.

RGB has decided that the entire leadership of ADEPR has with immediate effect been dissolved and an interim committee is to take over the church’s reigns.