RIB foils man’s attempt to murder own son in Rutsiro

On 13 January 2022 at 08:22

Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) is holding in its detention, a man from Boneza sector of Rutsiro district over attempting to murder his own son.

The murder suspect has explained that he was a minor aged 17 when he sired the son together with an elder woman who already had two more children.

As the suspect revealed, he was later married to another wife which triggered misunderstandings.

Speaking to IGIHE, the suspect said that the woman stressed him and spoke ill of him among friends and families.

“The situation lingered on until 2003 when he filed an accusation to community mediators. I never felt comfortable with the situation whenever I reflected on the circumstances under which I impregnated the woman who had already two children when I was still a minor. That is how I hated the son. When he grew up, the son joined her mother to follow up the case in 2019,” he said.

His son is currently aged 23. As the father continued to reject the son, the court ordered DNA test which confirmed that he is the biological son.

As the suspect narrated, he considered killing the son to be comfortable but ended up in vain.

“The problem was not solved. I am now regretting. I confess to God, apologize to siblings, neighbors and the Government of Rwanda being mindful of my offense and killing my child,” he said.

He advised people not to drug themselves into such criminal acts but rather seek assistance from concerned authorities and families to solve rampant disputes.

The Spokesperson of RIB, Dr. Murangira B. Thierry has told IGIHE that the suspect’s plan to murder his son was foiled.

“RIB has received tip off from residents that the man was planning to kill own son due to disputes lingering between parents. Rafiki was refusing to have fathered the son. He is accused of attempted murder,” he said.

Dr. Murangira explained that the suspect plotted the murder before his trial that was scheduled to resume on 11th January 2022.

“The man made payments after being informed that the son had died. RIB foiled the attempted murder and arrested the man in Kigali City after paying Rwf140, 000 to gangsters he had hired to kill his son. ,” he noted.

Dr. Murangira advised Rwandans against plotting murder to solve disputes but rather seek assistance from RIB.

His accomplices are at large to be brought to court.

The suspect hails from Boneza sector in Rutsiro district.