River Sebeya catchment area residents receive 138 water reservoirs

On 26 March 2021 at 11:47

Residents in the neighborhood of River Sebeya have received 138 water reservoirs to collect rain water to avoid damages the flowing water would cause like washing away terraces and reduce flooding.

The activity took place yesterday as 120 households and 18 schools received water reservoirs.

Following the donation, residents of Mukondo cell, Nyundo sector expressed delight that these water tanks will also enable the provision of water.

“We usually experience water shortage in this area. We used to fetch water from the fountain in far distant valley after walking for an hour and half. Water reservoirs will also intervene in the prevention of erosion,” Nyirabahutu Consolée.

Hakizimana Tharcisse said that children have been reporting late to school due to lack of water.

“We are accustomed to using river water from valleys. It takes long to reach these rivers that our children report to school late. With these water reservoirs, we are killing two birds with one stone. It gives relief as we will be assured of access to water and prevent erosion as well,” he explained.

Rubavu district vice mayor for economic development, Nzabonimpa Déogratias requested residents to work together for efficient use of received reservoirs.

“River Sebeya used to destroy properties but it will be used for touristic purposes in coming days and generate revenues due to conservation efforts and set up infrastructure. You have built terraces on 365 hectares helping you to feed families with harvested maize and potatoes. We encourage you to make good use of these water reservoirs and use designated chemicals to purify water. We request those who have not received reservoirs to be patient as we plan to reach all of you once funds are available,” he promised.

Apart from water reservoirs, residents neighboring with Sebeya have also received 285 out of 475 cows to be donated to residents through the project aimed at preserving River Sebeya.

Different trees have been planted to prevent Sebeya flooding.