RNP gives decent homes to three vulnerable families on Bugarura and Rutagara islands

On 10 May 2022 at 06:10

Rwanda National Police (RNP) has handed over three new decent houses it constructed for the identified disadvantaged families on Bugarura and Rutagara islands of Boneza Sector in Rutsiro District.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government, Samuel Dusengiyumva handed over the houses to the beneficiaries on Monday, May 9.

The beneficiaries include Clementine Ntahomvukiye, a widow with seven children; Daphrose Mukamugema, a single mother of two; and Alex Niyitegeka, an orphan and father of two.

RNP also handed over two engine boats to facilitate movements of residents on the two islands.

The houses and the boat are part of the Rwanda National Police human security support and strengthening its partnership with communities in crime prevention as part of its 21st anniversary, launched in December last year.

Last week, RNP also handed over two houses it constructed for two families on Nkombo island in Rusizi District, powered 200 households with solar energy and covered medical insurance premiums for 500 people on the island.

RNP has so far injected about Rwf1 billion in community development projects in this 11th edition of the annual ’Police Month’ to construct 30 houses, financially support cooperatives, cover medical insurance premiums, and connecting households that are far from the national grid with solar power system.

PS Dusengiyumva told the residents that Rwanda’s governance system is centred on uplifting the wellbeing of its citizens towards prosperity and sustainable security.

"Do not indulge in unlawful acts like smuggling and always strive collectively to identify and report those who attempt or commit crimes. Ensure that all your children go to school," Dusengiyumva said.

He further advised them against overloading boats to prevent them from capsizing and drowning and to respect other laws and rules governing businesses such as transportation of people and goods, and fishing in Lake Kivu.

Commissioner of Police (CP) Bruce Munyambo, who represented the RNP leadership, said that Rwandans must be safe, happy, secure and should take their hands off their pockets and work.

"Rwanda National Police will continue to work with you to ensure safety and security. Continue to provide timely information so as to prevent crimes and for you to continue with your development activities with no hindrance," CP Munyambo told the residents.

He added that these outreach programmes are meant to support communities to improve their livelihood while also empowering and partnering with them to fight and prevent crimes in their neighborhoods.

Clementine Ntahomvukiye, one of the beneficiaries, said: "I don’t know what to say, but I am so happy today. I was renting on top of having to take care of my seven children as a single mother, which was hard. You are not safer if you do not have shelter. I am very grateful to our Police for building this house for us."