Road project worth Rwf 31 billion in six districts raises great expectations

On 1 December 2020 at 09:54

In line with initiatives to boost road infrastructure development, the Government of Rwanda has embarked on a new project to build 450km roads in six districts of different provinces.

The project consists of renovating existing roads in the districts of Nyabihu (90 km), Gakenke (58 km ), Nyaruguru ( 68 km), Nyagatare (78 km ), Gatsibo (79 km ) and Rutsiro (km 77).

It is expected that 253km will be covered by cheap-seal surfacing while the remaining 197km will be compacted.

The Mayor of Rutsiro district, Emerence Ayinkamiye has told IGIHE that the project is expected to boost connectivity once completed.

“The contract to execute the project has been signed. So far, the works to renovate 39 kilometers road has started while contractors are getting equipment and workers ready for the remaining part. These roads will boost connectivity among residents, easily transport produce to the market and easily connect with other districts. We have a road to be covered by cheap-seal surfacing additional to other roads being compacted,” she said.

The roads are also expected to boost tourism in Rutsiro district which has a large part touching Lake Kivu. Indeed, 80% of Lake Kivu islands are located in Rutsiro district of which economy heavily relies on the agriculture of coffee and tea.
“Many residents will get jobs during construction of the roads and after because people will be able to move to easily,” she explained.

Ir Makuza Jean Pierre, Gakenke district official in charge of road infrastructure has said that the project to build 69km roads started towards the end of last year.

“These include tarmac road covering 41kilometers while the rest will be compacted. The purpose of these projects is to facilitate residents to transport their produce easily to markets and improve connectivity,” he said.

The new roads will connect Buranga – Kamubuga to Base main road.

As per performance contracts signed recently by the Ministry of Infrastructure, the project is subject to be implemented at 8% in the first quarter, 20% in the second and 28% in the third quarter and 40% at the end of this year.

The entire project is estimated at a cost of Rwf 31,068,482,458 during 2020/2021 fiscal year.

Baganizi Patrick Emile, Deputy Director General of Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA) recently told IGHE that the project’s execution is underway.

“Construction activities have started but we are still at the beginning. The implementation stands between 10 and 15%. It is the second phase of these works because there are other completed activities. These roads facilitate the transport of produce to the market,” he said.