RRA amends tax service charter to reinforce tax compliance and enhance tax systems

On 11 February 2021 at 03:00

Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) has amended its tax service charter and delivery timelines for a number of frequently needed services in order to ensure that taxpayers are given quality services, which in return contributes significantly to tax compliance. The Tax Administration recently published its 3rd version of the service charter with notable changes regarding delivery timeline for various services.

Some of the services whose timelines were amended include issuance of tax clearance certificate, issuance of “Quitus Fiscal”, business deregistration, VAT refund, issuance of Tax payment certificate, Tax stamp, EBM activation and deactivation, issuance and activation of motor vehicle entry cards, licensing of vehicle transit goods, among others.

For some services, the days it takes one to be served have been downscaled while for others, they have been increased compared to the past two years, with a goal to offer efficient services to taxpayers. For example, VAT refund request took 30 days to be addressed but according to the new service charter, it will only take 15 days, EBM activation request took 2 days but now it will take just 1 hour for the request to be addressed, EBM deactivation request took 1 day but it now takes 2 hours for one’s request to be addressed.

According to RRA’s Commissioner General, BIZIMANA RUGANINTWALI Pascal, these and many other service delivery timelines were amended because the tax authority’s goal is to establish a closer partnership with taxpayers, hence, the service Charter is a pronouncement of its commitment to deliver quality services to taxpayers.

“Revenue collection system functions effectively and efficiently when taxpayers know, understand and uphold their rights, this service charter therefore affirms our commitment to ensure that quality service is provided rightly all the time and to uphold our promise to be there for the taxpayers,” said the Commissioner General.

He further reminded taxpayers that it is their absolute right to always question and/or constructively criticize the tax administration on any of the services they feel dissatisfied with, adding that taxpayers deserve to be treated fairly, with justice, respect and common courtesy; to be represented and advised; to be consulted and given feedback on tax matters and policy, to receive a response to any correspondence addressed to the tax administration; and to get any claimed refund as provided for by the applicable laws and regulations.

The new version of the service charter has been published on the RRA website (https://www.rra.gov.rw/fileadmin/user_upload/service_charter_final_eng.pdf) for taxpayers to access and get more information in order to exhaustively understand the changes it entails.

Rwanda Revenue Authority headquarters.