Rubavu: 300 remains of Genocide victims to be relocated

On 8 April 2021 at 12:43

As Rwanda begins 100 days of national mourning in commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi, Rubavu district is planning to relocate 306 remains of genocide victims to designated memorials.

These remains will be relocated from different memorial sites and cemeteries under the ongoing program to preserve few memorials that can be properly managed.

The Representative of IBUKA, organization umbrella of genocide survivors in Rubavu district, Bisengima Innocent has told IGIHE that 100 days of commemoration will be marked by relocation of remains of genocide victims from cemeteries to different genocide memorials located in the district.

He explained that 147 remains will be relocated from a memorial in Nyamyumba, Rutsiro district to Nyundo memorial on 9th April 2021.

“We shall commemorate from homes but have organized three major events during the 100 days of commemoration. On 9th April, we shall relocate 147 remains of genocide victims from Nyamyumba and Kivumu sectors in Rutsiro district in the former Commune Nyamyumba to Nyundo genocide memorial. On 30th April, we shall also accord decent burial to 142 remains recently exhumed at Gisenyi airstrip and relocate Rugerero memorial,” said Bisengimana.

He went on to explain that more 17 remains of genocide victims exhumed recently will be buried at Bigogwe genocide memorial in Kanzenze sector.

Bisengimana appealed on residents to reveal whereabouts of more remains of genocide victims to be buried decently and requested them to shun all forms of genocide ideology that could undermine unity and reconciliation efforts.

Bigogwe genocide memorial.