Rubavu taxi-moto operators warned against abetting crime

On 21 March 2021 at 05:23

Taxi-moto operators in Rubavu District have been cautioned against facilitating criminality.

The Western Region Police Commander (RPC), CSP Edmond Kalisa issued the warning in a meeting with commercial motorcyclists operating in Rubavu, held on Friday, March 19.

There are over 2000 taxi moto operators in Rubavu.

The meeting was also attended by the mayor of Rubavu, Gilbert Habyarimana. It was held in accordance with the COVID-19 prevention guidelines.

The meeting came on heels of increased operations against lawlessness in which scores of taxi moto operators have been arrested abetting crimes including transporting smuggled goods, narcotic drugs and stolen items.

CSP Kalisa urged the commercial motorcyclists to desist from such criminal practices and support efforts against criminality by reporting those involved.

"When you help a criminal you also become a criminal; you will all be arrested to face the law and most likely spend years in prison for something you can avoid and instead help to fight," CSP Kalisa said.

He advised them to always be vigilant about passengers, who try to use them in criminal acts.

The RPC observed that trying to get rich through criminal shortcuts makes you poorer, urging them to always remember that their families or dependants are also affected by their criminal actions in circumstances where one has to spend years in prison.

He further urged them to always ride safely, abide by traffic rules and regulations and COVID-19 prevention measures.

On his part, the Mayor of Rubavu, Gilbert Habyarimana urged commercial motorcyclists to always remember that they are partners in security and development.

He added that motorcycle transport is part of the country’s development sector and must be used in legal aspects not to facilitate criminality.

"Where there is no security development will be affected. Always put safety and security first because that is the only way you will achieve your development goals," Habyarimana said.

He urged them to streamline their cooperatives, subscribe to public healthcare—mutuelle de sante—as well as Ejo Heza, a simple and secure, long-term savings scheme sponsored by the Government of Rwanda.

Ejo Heza is an inclusive scheme targeting both salaried and non-salaried workers to help accumulate savings for a dignified and secure old age.

The Mayor of Rubavu, Gilbert Habyarimana speaking to motorcyclists.