Two shot as they sneak into Rwanda through porous border posts

On 15 April 2021 at 03:01

Rwanda’s soldiers from the 9th Battalion have shot two men illegally crossing to Rwanda through the valley between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It is said that the two men have been shot confused with enemies.

The duo includes Manirahari Innocent who died immediately and Ndirinde Emmanuel who survived with leg injuries.

The incident took place last night around 10pm in Nyakabanda village, Rwangara cell, Cyanzarwe sector, Rubavu district in Western Province.

The Second-In-Command (2IC) of 201 Brigade operating in the districts of Rubavu, Nyabihu, Ngororero and part of Rutsiro, Lt Colonel Innocent Mpabuka has advised residents against crossing through illegal entries to avoid incidences including loss of life.

“You should stop crossing through porous entry points. Some people pass behind our backs but we won’t tolerate that because it might provide loopholes for FDLR present in the neighboring country. They might maneuver using similar paths to cross into the country. You have rights to cross through legal entries. So, crossing through porous entries poses security threats. Let us abide by regulations and shun such behaviors because we don’t want to shoot our citizens,” he said.

The mayor of Rubavu district, Habyarimana Gilbert, has also requested residents to avoid crossing through the valley because they might be confused with the enemy.

“I hope you are aware of what takes place over there. It is unfortunate to have fellows threatening security. There are well known smugglers in this area. You have witnessed what happened but some might not have learnt from the incidence. We held discussions last time and agreed to discontinue such acts. As you see, one has died and another survived with leg injury. This shows that the country is protected. Continuous use of illegal entries is like committing suicide because they might be confused with enemies,” he said.

The latest incident took place on 26th October 2020 when a resident was shot crossing into Rwanda through the valley between both countries.

Another man aged 38 and a woman in the age bracket between 30 and 35 were shot in the same area in May 2020.

The two men have been shot confused with enemies as the crossed through the valley between Rwanda and DRC.