Ruheru residents relocated from border area upbeat

On 26 May 2022 at 03:12

Residents from Nyaruguru District who previously lived nearby the border between Rwanda and Burundi have revealed that they are currently leading better life after relocation from the area due to recurrent security problems.

These beneficiaries are from 150 families from Remera Cell of Ruheru Sector in Nyaruguru District.

As beneficiaries attested, they had been hit hard and lacked safe water, electricity, schools and health facilities which they would seek in neighboring country.

Considering the dire conditions they went through, the Government of Rwanda relocated them to Kivugiza Village which has infrastructures facilitating them to lead dignified life.

So far, 32 families have been resettled in the first batch as construction activities are ongoing to relocate the remaining beneficiaries not later than July 2022.

Jacqueline Niyonkuru has disclosed that they endured hard life in previous settlements with no hope for the future.

“We experienced dire conditions while living in the vicinity of the border. However, our lives changed for good after moving to the village. We work without disruptions and sleep comfortably because our security is guaranteed,” she said.

“We used to fetch water along with Burundians from one place. We once experienced issues that restricted us from accessing water but we are thankful that the government rushed to intervene,” said another resident, Daniel Mugendana.

Other beneficiaries said that they would cross to Burundi to access education or health services which would irk them.

The Mayor of Nyaruguru District, Emmanuel Murwanashyaka has said that they want to resettle residents to safe places where they will stay comfortably with easy access to basic needs.

“The first phase of Kivugiza model village shelters families that previously lived nearby the border between Rwanda and Burundi. We built those houses as part of our ambitions to ensure that all residents have decent shelters,” he noted.

Murwanashyaka urged beneficiaries to take good care of received houses, infrastructures made available and work hard to prosper.

The new village is located nearby schools and has a health facility.

Resettled residents also have access to water.
Residents attest that their security is guaranteed at the model village.