Rusizi residents get 32.5- kilometer water supply system worth Rwf 300 million

On 8 May 2021 at 11:05

At least 16,000 residents of Gitambi sector, Rusizi district in Western Province can now access clean water following the inauguration of 32.5- kilometer water supply system that will serve residents and schools in the areas.

The public infrastructure inaugurated on 6th May 2021 was completed on funding of World Vision Rwanda which catered for 70% in collaboration with Rusizi district covering 30% of the total budget.

World Vision Rwanda is a Christian humanitarian organization implementing development programs in different districts across the country.

Beneficiaries have expressed delight for completed infrastructure which gives them relief as they will access clean water closer to their homes.

“We have been hit hard with no access to clean water. Our children would spend long hours to reach ponds where they fetched dirty water containing worms. The situation has however changed with new water infrastructure expected to improve hygiene and prevent poor sanitation related diseases,” said Hycinthe Mukarukundo.

Another beneficiary, Harerimana Shikama also said that they were at great risks of belly wombs due to dirty water fetched from far distant area in Kibingo.

“We are grateful for advocacy that led to this development,” he noted.

Nsanzimana Juvenal, the head teacher of Groupe Scolaire Hangabashi which also benefited from the project revealed that students and teachers would pay Rwf 100 to get one jerry can of safe water.

He welcomed safe water infrastructure that comes in handy to give relief to members of the community.

Ananias Sentoz, Programme Manager at World Vision Rwanda explained that the organization is committed to facilitate 1 million Rwandans to access safe water within five years.

“We glad for completed infrastructure which is among many planned projects to facilitate provision of safe water to residents. We want to enable safe water access to one million citizens of whom 500 have started benefiting from public water facilities. We are optimistic to achieve this goal in collaboration with the Government of Rwanda by 2023,”he stressed.

Rusizi district vice mayor for economic development, Leoncie Kankindi commended World Vision Rwanda for initiatives transforming residents’ welfare.

“Public water facilities made available are very helpful for 17 villages in three cells. It is a great gesture giving relief to residents because they have been fetching water from far distant locations. We voice our appreciation to World Vision and request residents to maintain these infrastructures,” she noted.

The 32.5-kilometer water supply system has been completed at Rwf 300 million.
As of today, Rusizi district registers 74% of residents with access to safe water.