Rwamagana: Youth receive Rwf16 million equipment worth after vocational training

On 16 August 2023 at 03:29

A cohort of 146 young individuals from Rwamagana District, who have successfully completed a year-long vocational training program, have been equipped with equipment worth Rwf16 million. These essential items comprise sewing machines, tools for electrical repairs and materials essential for culinary arts.

The equipment were handed over to beneficiaries on Tuesday, August 15th, 2023, during the graduation ceremony of the ninth batch at Kwigira Technical and Vocational Education Training School, located in Kigabiro Sector of Rwamagana District. The beneficiaries of this endeavor include 57 graduates specializing in tailoring, 41 in electricity, and 48 in culinary arts.

Aimable Twahirwa, the head of Kwigira TVET School, expressed that this year’s cohort had a distinct privilege. Unlike prior practices of only catering to tailoring graduates, each graduate now received equipment tailored to their specific field. Twahirwa underscored that the equipment distributed on graduation day would empower the graduates to set forth on fresh journeys within their respective domains.

Hamimu Nyiringabo, a culinary arts graduate, shared his ambition to establish an event and celebration-focused restaurant. He envisions this venture as a potential income source, not just for himself but also for others. "With the equipment I have received, I plan to start a restaurant. I will gradually expand my business, relying on blessings coming my way," he remarked.

Placidie Mutuyumukiza, a tailoring graduate, intends to employ her sewing machine to craft clothing for various clients. She aims to source fabrics and produce garments that local community members can purchase, eliminating the need to journey to distant markets.

Afisa Musengimana, who successfully completed the electricity program, conveyed gratitude to the school for providing the equipment. He sees this support as a promising initiation of a new life phase, one that could lead to prosperity and job creation.

Ambassador Sheikh Saleh Habimana encouraged the graduates to remain united, forward-thinking, and goal-oriented. He advised them to maximize the use of their equipment, rather than selling them, to achieve desired progress.

Radjab Mbonyumuvunyi, the Mayor of Rwamagana District, emphasized the significance of acquired skills and equipment in propelling the youth forward.

He expressed hope that the graduates would steer clear of negative behaviors and instead strive for meaningful employment that bestows dignity and pride upon themselves and the nation. He urged them to employ their acquired knowledge not solely for personal growth but also to contribute to the holistic development of the country.

The youth underwent training with the support of the Umbrella for Vulnerable organization. To date, the school has trained 1000 beneficiaries through its programs.

Abdelhakim Yessouf, the Manager of the Special Assistance Division at the Cooperation and Capacity Development Department of the Islamic Development Bank, headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, graced the graduation ceremony. During the event, he announced the bank’s commitment to fund the establishment of the ICT Training Centre in Rwamagana, with construction set to commence before the close end of 2023.

This initiative follows the bank’s prior funding to Agaciro ICT Training Centre, in Kimihurura Sector of Gasabo District in Kigali City.

Graduates in culinary arts received essential equipment to start new life.
The Mayor of Rwamagana District, Mbonyumuvunyi handing over a sewing machine to one of graduates.
Graduates in culinary arts also expressed delight for the donation of essential items including cookers and gas cylinders.
The beneficiaries of this endeavor include 57 graduates specializing in tailoring.
Ambassador Sheikh Saleh Habimana encouraged the graduates to remain united, forward-thinking, and goal-oriented.
Abdelhakim Yessouf, Special Assistance Division, Cooperation and Capacity Development Department of Islamic Development Bank (second from right) also graced the event.
The graduation ceremony took place on Tuesday 15th August 2023.