Rwanda Chinese association and Chinese firms stage a giving back to the community activity, donate Rwf20 million and equipment

On 2 juin 2022 at 10:51

Co-hosted by the Rwandan Chinese Association (hereinafter referred to as RCA) and the Chinese automotive company Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor, the "Celebrate children’s Day with love and donation" activity was held on Tuesday, May 31, 2022, at GS TANDA school in the northern province of Rwanda.

Under the call of RCA, 26 Chinese companies in Rwanda including Dongfeng Liuzhou Motors Ltd , Carcarbaba, Choice Logistics, Landy Industries (R) ltd, Master Health, Trend construction company Ltd, Guangzou Homart Industrial LTD, D Mall Hotel, Far East Logistics, Beijing paper corporation ltd, China star construction (Rwanda) co ltd, Brother building materials LTD, World hongmen history and culture association participated in this donation activity to support the government of Rwanda’s initiative of school feeding which they believe both local and foreign companies should support to ensure that all Rwandan children are hunger free when at schools.

They donated stationery, food and beverage, tableware, shoes, and other classroom and daily use materials, as well as cash donation totaling Rwf20,000,000 (approximately US$19,230) to the school, which was received by nearly 1,500 students.

Children represent the country’s future and hope, and their healthy growth is always a major concern of the society. This issue has also been noticed by Chinese entrepreneurs in Rwanda. They think that, in addition to usual business development, it must also take on its own social obligations and pay back to society as a mature firm.

"Students are the future of our country. We have the responsibility to care about the healthy growth of the next generation. We expect that kids would work hard in class, be punctual, and develop into helpful abilities." Yin Qingri, president of RCA, expressed his hope to lead the way in Rwanda. Overseas Chinese and Chinese enterprises contribute to reducing the burden of students from low-income families and a strong will to be the light and salt of the Rwanda community.

The children expressed their gratitude for the gifts by saying, "Murakoze Cyane ! Murakoze Cyane !" "Thank you for your love and help from China," their teachers couldn’t stop saying. Donor representatives believed that all of their efforts were worthwhile when they saw the children’s cheeks light up as they got their gifts. Despite its minimal money value, the donation is a gesture of goodwill from the bottom of Chinese business man’s heart Notwithstanding the fact that they are living in harsh environments, the children’s positive attitude in learning has arisen our sense of commitment to all of them.

Love swelled at the event venue, and applauding continued. Donors from DongFeng and overseas Chinese in Rwanda gave the children gifts on the spot. The lovely student representatives delivered their acceptance speeches later.

In his speech, Mr. Yin Qingri observed, "The enterprises and caring individuals provide not only financial and material assistance to the students, but also spiritual inspiration. I believe through this event, poor students will treasure their very chance of education more than before. They will strive for excellence, equip themselves with knowledge, and learn the spirit of sharing with love. In the end they can repatriate the community with their help hand if there is such need" At the same time, he hopes that the general public can actively participate in child-care activities, and that many units and individuals can provide a helping hand in the same way that these firms did.

Gicumbi District vice mayor in charge of economic development, Uwera Parfaite thanked RCA for their benevolent activity and welcomed Chinese investors in Gicumbi district by highlighting some of the business opportunities available in the district, notably in tourism sector.

“Gicumbi is a good district which is not far away from Kigali, and we have so many beautiful places in our district. You have all seen Muhazi lake, which might be a great opportunity for Chinese investors, especially in tourism.”

The caring student aid activity has built a bridge of love for educated people from all walks of life and gives hope to poor students. It is intended that society will embrace and care for children, allowing more people to pay attention to, understand, and participate in their lives.

"We, all Rwanda Chinese enterprises are determined to become caring citizens here. Represented by Rwanda Chinese association and China Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co.,Ltd., We will do more in various kinds of charity activities with an aim to win the future together with the locals."

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