Rwanda condemns DRC’s blame games, contradictory assertions

On 25 October 2022 at 07:06

The Government of Rwanda has condemned blame games, contradictory assertions by the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and highlighted that the latter’s actions contradict statements of President Félix Antoine Tshisekedi that his country is focused on seeking a diplomatic solution to insecurity in eastern part of DRC.

Rwanda has highlighted its position through a statement released on Monday 24th October 2022.

“Contrary to the assertions of the President of DRC that his country is focused on a diplomatic solution to the insecurity in eastern DRC, recent statements and actions show that the DRC Government is decided on a course of continued military escalation. Furthermore, FARDC continues to operate alongside irregular armed militias, including FDLR,” reads the statement in part.

The statement further reads that the Congolese Army (FARDC)’s buildup ‘to renew attacks on M23, a Congolese armed group, is in violation of the agreed regional security mechanisms, including the Nairobi and Luanda processes’.

“Continued public incitement on the basis of ethnicity, use of heavy weaponry, targeting of Rwanda’s border zone, and baseless accusations against Rwanda are unacceptable,” adds the statement.

Despite continued provocations by DRC authorities and armed forces, the statement reads, Rwanda reiterates its firm commitment to contributing to a sustainable, peaceful regional security solution within the agreed regional frameworks.

Rwanda has however indicated that ‘the continual, unjustified attempts to make Rwanda a scapegoat for the internal political problems of DRC will continue to be categorically rejected’.

The statement is released, few days after Congolese Army resumed fighting with M23 amidst the country’s continual allegations accusing Rwanda of supporting the rebel group.

As Tshisekedi met with Congolese diaspora in the United Kingdom on Wednesday last week, he dragged Rwanda into his country’s mess saying that war will be the ultimate option in case diplomatic negotiations fail.

At the time, Tshisekedi also met with King Charles III where he highlighted that discussion on Rwanda was on the agenda of his visit.

Tshisekedi requested King Charles III to use his power in Commonwealth and demand Rwanda to stop destabilizing eastern DRC so that security can be restored in the Great Lakes Region.

However, Rwanda maintains that FDLR is the major cause of insecurity in the region.

Rwanda has condemns Tshisekedi's contradictory assertions.