Rwanda condemns members of international community ’shielding DRC from accountability’

By Zaninka Umutesi
On 11 December 2022 at 01:16

Recently on Friday 9th December, Rwanda’s representative to the United Nations (UN), Amb. Claver Gatete addressed the United Nations Security Council on security issues in the Eastern DRC.

Amb. Gatete said that the quest for lasting peace in Eastern DRC cannot be achieved by spreading a dangerous and false narrative that exacerbates the problem and puts lives at risk but through the willpower to implement the decisions of Nairobi and Luanda.

In his speech, Amb Gatete said that Rwanda is ready to support the Nairobi and Luanda processes and contribute to the implementation of their resolutions.

He said Rwanda is ready to support discussions aimed at restoring peace in hopes that someday they will impact the security issues in the DRC, which affect Rwanda as a neighbor.

Amb. Gatete condemned unhelpful external interference by some members of the international community.

He highlighted that the interference shields the Democratic Republic of the Congo from accountability regarding ‘its unresponsiveness to commitments made through ongoing processes and ultimately risks undermining the success of these initiatives’.

Amb. Gatate said that Rwanda has repeatedly indicated that it has no connections with the M23 rebel group and that the fighting between this group and the FARDC is an internal matter.

He recalled three incidents in which shells from DRC were fired into Rwandan territory on 19th March, 23rd May and 20th June this year and reminded the UN Security Council that the sovereignty of Rwanda should be respected.

The provocations continued until DRC’s Sukhoi 25 fighter jet violated Rwanda’s airspace on 7th November 2022 and landed briefly before taking off.

Amb. Gatete also inquired into when the international community would stand against the FDLR and its condemned cooperation between the FARDC and other armed groups.

Among others, he wondered why the Special Representative of the Secretary-General Bintou Keita did not name FDLR in the terrorist groups when she addressed the council about terrorist groups in DRC.

Amb. Gatete said that the quest for lasting peace in Eastern DRC cannot be achieved by spreading a dangerous and false narrative.