Rwanda Day to be held in Washington DC

On 27 November 2023 at 09:28

After a four-year hiatus for various reasons, Rwanda Day is set to take place in the United States, setting the stage for an eagerly anticipated event in Washington DC. Scheduled for early 2024, from February 2nd to 3rd, the two-day gathering marks a significant reunion for the Rwandan diaspora and their friends, following the last event in Bonn, Germany in 2019.

Established in 2010, Rwanda Day has consistently served as a pivotal platform, fostering unity among Rwandans scattered across the globe. With the primary objective of advancing the nation’s development agenda, the event provides a forum for insightful discussions, updates on current progress, and avenues for networking and attracting foreign investments.

At the heart of Rwanda Day is the unique opportunity for participants to directly engage with the Head of State, posing questions, sharing ideas, and expressing their aspirations. The event not only offers a glimpse into Rwanda’s remarkable strides but also encourages the exchange of ideas to chart the way forward.

Having drawn over 35,000 attendees in previous editions held in various global cities, including Brussels, Chicago, Paris, Boston, London, Toronto, Atlanta, Dallas, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Ghent, and Bonn, the return to Washington DC signifies a renewed chapter in Rwanda Day’s rich history.

During a youth forum in Canada, Rwanda’s Ambassador to the US, Mathilde Mukantabana, extended a compelling invitation, urging Rwandans to participate in large numbers in this special event.

During the latest Rwanda Day, President Kagame imparted valuable advice to the audience, emphasizing their responsibility to love the country and contribute to its ongoing progress.

Employing the metaphor of an airplane encountering headwinds, he symbolized the challenges that necessitate a united effort for resolution.

President Kagame highlighted the significance of consistently bolstering the collective strength that propels Rwanda forward, drawing a parallel to increasing the thrust that propels an airplane to its destination expeditiously.

Furthermore, he directly addressed critics of Rwanda Day, dismissing their assertions as a political maneuver. Instead, he emphasized the event’s substantive impact in fostering resilience and motivation among the Rwandan population.

As the stage is set for a revitalized Rwanda Day in the heart of America, anticipation is high for the spirited discussions, shared insights, and collective visioning that will shape the future narrative of Rwandans in the diaspora and their homeland.

President Paul Kagame received a warm welcome upon his arrival at the meeting hall during the latest Rwanda Day held in Germany.