Rwanda FDA recalls adulterated honey

On 15 March 2021 at 06:05

Rwanda Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recalled from the market honey products branded as ‘HONEY FIVE’ after realizing that it was adulterated.

The statement banning the products has been signed by the director General of Rwanda FDA, Dr. Charles Karangwa.

The decision to ban the product was taken following FDA inspection conducted in response to customer complaints on the poor quality of HONEY HIVE available on the market.

“Further reference is made to the quality control laboratory results of honey hive that confirmed adulteration of the natural honey as well as the manufacturer who attested the use and addition of sugar in the product. Therefore, the Rwanda FDA recalls from the market the Honey products with the following description: HONEY HIVE, Nyungwe Forest, Natural Honey 100%; claims of : Best to use for Diabetic, Grip, Pregant, Stomached, Appetite and others,” reads part of the statement.

Rwanda FDA has requested distributors, supermarkets and retail shops to stop distribution and sale of HONEY FIVE and return all quantities to the suppliers within 10 working days.

“The manufacturer of HONEY HIVE is requested to receive all quantities of returned by his clients and submit a detailed report (including the names, contacts and quantities returned) to Rwanda FDA,” reads the statement.

“The public is requested to stop buying and consuming the recalled HONEY HIVE," adds the statement.

Among others, manufacturers of packaged honey to register their manufacturing premises and products at Rwanda FDA.

Rwanda FDA has reminded warned manufacturers packaging and selling adulterated honey that whoever caught violating restrictions will be sanctioned.