Rwanda hosts Global HealthCare summit

On 18 November 2021 at 09:34

The Government of Rwanda is hosting the Global HealthCare summit aimed at discussing ways to improve healthcare services, exchange ideas and create avenues for creation of innovations to solve rampant challenges that still affect the health sector in Rwanda and Africa.

Organized by Be still Investment, a Zimbabwean Non-Government Organization operating in Rwanda, the annual meeting runs for three days starting from 18th November 2021.

It serves as a platform bringing together health experts, medicines manufacturing plants and health services providers with a view to seek together the solution to address shortage of drugs on the African continent.

The meeting is expected to bring together different officials including ministers, heads of governments, health experts, hospital managers and procurement officers among others.

A health expert and lecturer at the University of Rwanda, Dr. Stefan Jansen has told IGIHE that hosting the meeting is an extra-ordinary opportunity for Rwanda because it helps to determine the status of healthcare services.

“This meeting is very important because it will bring together members of the private sector and entrepreneurs. It is a good move because it will be a platform for discussions on various issues of concerns. Rwanda seeks to strengthen the health sector and foster innovations. Developing a vibrant service sector will be central to achieve this goal. For instance, there are some drugs used in Africa that are not produced on the continent. Engaging in discussions with different stakeholders gets us to a step closer,” he said.

Dr. Jansen explained that Rwanda might get new investors from connections created during the meeting.

“It is a wide open market. The meeting will bring together participants from different fields who might be attracted to invest in Rwanda’s health sector,” he noted.

Rwanda Global HealthCare summit will be taking place for the second time following the first one successfully held in 2019.

It was cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The meeting will also feature exhibitions of health equipment serving as a platform for participants including Med Aditus and WaterAid to showcase their prowess in transforming the health sector.

The ultimate goal of the meeting is to strive for improved health through capacity building, sharing health information, creating innovations and making new discoveries which should be among priorities in the health sector.

The exhibition will also facilitate people to acquire new skills, share expertise, provide linkages for health equipment manufacturers, pharmaceutical plants, manufacturers of surgery equipment and buyers among others.

With over 1200 delegates, Rwanda Global Healthcare Summit 2021 is the biggest healthcare event and platform for all the companies to gain visibility in the growing African Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices market.

To achieve business growth targets, Business to Business sessions will be conducted, where Business owners & Decision Makers get time to give short presentations on what their esteemed organisations are doing or have achieved. This will create synergies for most of the Business registered for the sessions.

It’s the best place for product launch, networking, workable business deals & winning more customers under one roof.

The Global HealthCare summit is expected to create avenues for innovations to solve rampant challenges that still affect the health sector in Rwanda and Africa.