Rwanda in process to acquire freight aircrafts

On 3 May 2022 at 01:24

Increasing export volumes, creating avenues to obtain freight aircrafts and increasing cold rooms are among major resolutions of the recent extraordinary Congress meeting of RPF Inkotanyi that took place on 30th April 2022.

During the meeting, an entrepreneur identified as Marie Ange Ingabire is among participants who voiced concerns over faced hindrances while exporting agricultural produce.

She heads a company dubbed Tropi Wanda Ltd which exports horticultural produce including fruits and avocadoes.

Initially, Ingabire started exporting five tonnes of avocadoes per week which have increased to 20 tonnes.

She however expressed concerns over the issue of freight aircrafts and insufficient cold rooms.

The female entrepreneur revealed that she sometimes wins tender to supply ten tonnes of avocadoes but informed by the national carrier, RwandAir that its capacity is limited carrying five tonnes.

Besides, Ingabire disclosed that her products are more likely to get damaged before exportation because there are not enough cold rooms.

President Paul Kagame said that the issue was discussed for long that it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Clare Akamanzi, the CEO of Rwanda Development Board (RDB) said that she is aware of the issue where RwandAir could not find a cargo aircraft.

“I have learnt that the aircraft has been obtained through Qatar Airways,” noted Akamanzi.

Qatar Airways is under process to acquire 49% shares in RwandAir.

The Government of Rwanda is expending much effort to solve the issue of cold rooms but the ground to be developed for related facilities was handed over to vaccine manufacturers as a priority.

Some of resolutions of the meeting include fast-tracking the construction of a leather factory which will particularly produce shoes.

The meeting also resolved on building Rwandans’ capacity to be standby and confront existing and possible future challenges with a view to promote home grown solutions.

Another resolution of the meeting is about increasing investment that creates more jobs drawing emphasis on local production, promoting the quality and use of local products and expanding their presence to foreign markets.

The congress agreed on completely addressing lingering challenges in service delivery particularly among hotels and adopting measures to oversee implementation countrywide.

Among others, the meeting resolved to increase infrastructures particularly in the education and health sectors, and draw much attention to areas in the vicinity of Rwanda’s borders so that residents can get all services closer to their doorsteps inside the country.

It was also resolved to address issues affecting family’s wellbeing including domestic conflicts, carelessness on parenting duty, malnutrition leading to stunting and various diseases, poor hygiene, school dropouts among children, drug abuse and related consequences.

The meeting resolved to mobilize the youth and Rwandans at large to prevent and fight sexual transmitted diseases and teen pregnancies.

Another resolution is about completely eradicating gender based violence and human trafficking and bring offenders to justice.