Rwanda, Israel sign MoU to promote technology

On 27 November 2020 at 12:53

Rwanda and Israel have signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at strengthening collaboration in the areas of ICT and innovation to cement existing relationship.

The MoU signed today was witnessed by Rwanda’s Minister of ICT and Innovation, Paul Ingabire along with Israel Minister of Communications, Yoaz Hendel.

Yoaz Hendel explained that the MoU is an important document reflecting both countries’ commitment to promote technology, regulation and ways to connect people in Rwanda and Israel.

As he said, the MoU incorporates clauses pertaining to different ways of working together to develop technological tools in order to promote both countries ICT and share ideas of how both countries can learn from each other.

“I see similarities between Rwanda and Israel in a sense that both countries are leveraging technology and you can find place to develop, exchange views and share opportunities. We can learn a lot from both countries’ capabilities and opens door to cooperate on technology opportunities,” he said.

Minister Ingabire also hinted on advantages Rwanda is set to pull from the MoU.

“The agreement will enhance cooperation with Israel given that it has agricultural innovations. We will learn from their expertize to lift citizens’ wellbeing and seek how to emulate that technology to improve Rwandans’ livelihoods,” she said.

“We mostly want to leverage innovations in agriculture, quality education and health to reach all citizens. This is what we learn from them as the country has built reputation in technology advancement,” added Ingabire.

The agreement will also pave the way for collaboration between business communities.

“With this agreement, we are not only looking at Government partnership but also finding ways for our business community to collaborate better. Indeed, the similarities between both countries is a journey we have already embarked on how we can build a vibrant start up ecosystem, to become one of the leading innovation companies leveraging technology to address some of economic challenges we have,” said Ingabire.

The agreement is expected to anchor further collaboration between both countries’ institutions and private sectors.