Rwanda, Mali sign 19 agreements

On 28 May 2024 at 03:53

Rwanda and Mali have signed 19 agreements aimed at fostering inclusive development through cooperation, as announced by the Rwandan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Vincent Biruta. These agreements were signed following the 1st Joint Permanent Commission meeting between Rwanda and Mali, held from May 25-27, 2024, involving officials from both countries.

Dr. Biruta highlighted the progress made since Mali opened its embassy in Rwanda in February 2017, noting that several agreements were signed in 2023, laying the foundation for further cooperation.

The 19 agreements signed on May 27, 2024, cover various sectors, including health, security, agriculture, technology, culture, and investment promotion. Dr. Biruta expressed confidence that a joint committee from both sides would work together to implement these agreements effectively.

He also mentioned that additional agreements are in the pipeline and will be signed in the near future.

Minister Biruta emphasized that the meeting also provided an opportunity to discuss security issues in different parts of Africa, fostering a culture of dialogue on peace and security.

Mali’s Foreign Minister, Abdoulaye Diop, praised the strong relationship between Rwanda and Mali, which benefits both countries and their citizens.

He mentioned that the agreements signed on Monday include cooperation in justice, mining, oil and gas, agriculture, fishing, environment, climate change mitigation, tourism development, higher education, transportation, and the movement of people and goods.

Diop noted that the current activities of both countries indicate that Rwanda and Mali will continue to reap significant benefits from this positive relationship.

He stated that with the goal of building a peaceful, independent, and strong Africa, Rwanda and Mali share a good political relationship and expressed confidence that the resolutions made will lead to increased activities between the two countries.

The first meeting of the joint committee to discuss the signed agreements and related projects is scheduled to take place in Mali in the near future.

Rwanda and Mali already cooperate in various sectors, including an air transport agreement allowing aircraft from both countries to use each other’s international airports.

In 2022, Malian military leaders visited Rwanda to learn from the experience of the Rwanda Defense Forces, agreeing to formalize this cooperation shortly after. In 2017, Mali’s Minister of Justice visited Rwanda and announced the establishment of a mediation body to resolve citizens’ disputes.

Foreign Minister Biruta and his counterpart of Mali after signing agreements.