Rwanda receives 5th batch of refugees from Libya

On 30 December 2020 at 05:59

At around 10pm yesterday, the 5th batch comprised of 130 refugees and asylum seekers from Libya landed at Kigali International Airport onboard Tripoli aircraft.

Upon arrival at the airport, all protocol to prevent the spread of coronavirus were observed whereby all refugees and asylum seekers wore face masks and washed hands while social distancing was maintained as they went through clearing processes before leaving the airport.

After going through these processes, refugees boarded large buses out of the airport and headed to La Palisse Hotel Nyamata where they will wait for COVID-19 test results before accommodation at Gashora Transit Camp in Bugesera district.

They will be joining refugees and asylum seekers Rwanda has welcomed in the previous four batches comprised of 385 people.

Some of them have been already granted refugee status in foreign countries including 131 taken to Sweden, 23 granted refuge in Canada, 46 in Norway while 5 others were granted refuge in France.

Rwanda signed agreements to host refugees stranded in Libya on 10th September 2019 with the African Union (AU) and UNHCR.

Rwanda made the commitment to host refugees from Libya in 2017 following revelations that thousands of people from across Africa were stranded in the country after their failure to reach Europe and subjected to slavery.

Rwanda committed to receiving 500 refugees at the head first of whom a group of 66 African refugees and asylum-seekers from Libya arrived in Rwanda at the end of September 2019 in the first batch aboard the airplane of Buraq Air.

All the previous batches were all accommodated at Gashora transit camp in Bugesera district which previously hosted thousands of Burundian refugees since 2015 before they were relocated to other sites.