Rwanda remains on European list of border openings, two removed

By Elina Jonas Ruzindaza
On 22 July 2020 at 09:07

European Union (EU) has removed Montenegro and Serbia from the list of people allowed to travel to Europe due to the increase in coronavirus infection in those countries.

The EU has recently put out a list of 15 countries whose citizens are eligible to join the union after outlining strong anti-coronavirus measures.

Rwanda is one of the few countries EU opened for its borders after expressing efforts to fight coronavirus.

However, after consolidating those countries, each EU member state has been analyzing countries one by one.

Fourteen days after the report was released, the EU re-analyzed its findings and found that Montenegro and Serbia did not meet all the requirements as the number of infected ones had increased significantly in recent days.

Among the basic considerations are; the number of people infected within these countries which has to be lower than the general population (at least 16 people are infected with a population of 100,000), the number of infected people is declining and there is a need for adequate distance and prevention measures.

Although the EU showed the lists, European countries are the ones to decide when to start making it easier for international tourists from the listed countries. This list is updated after every 14 days.