Renovation of Rwanda’s Amahoro Stadium nears completion

By Esther Muhozi
On 7 March 2024 at 10:08

In just a few days, what was once a dream for many will become reality! Amahoro Stadium is nearing completion as final construction activities are being carried out day and night. If all goes according to plan, by May, the stadium will be finished and ready to host certain events.

Amahoro Stadium is an international-standard facility, providing Rwanda with the opportunity to stand out in terms of sports infrastructure. Every day, as you visit the construction site, new progress is evident.

The construction work, which started 19 months ago, began with the demolition of certain parts of the existing structure and the addition of new sections, making it difficult to recognize the original stadium’s location compared to where the new one stands now.

Abdul Aziz Ishimwe, the construction project manager at Summa Rwanda, explained that the work is about 93% complete overall.

"We are in the final stages of external work, focusing on parking areas, asphalt paving, final painting... basically, the remaining work before the job is done," he said.

The entrance for dignitaries will be opposite the former Sportview Hotel. This is where individuals sitting in the VVIP, VIP, and press areas will enter.

While general fans will enter through entrances near the BK Arena, Zigama CSS, and on the side of a place known as ’Kwa Rwahama’.

The renovation of Amahoro Stadium also included an upgrade of Petit Stade. The work on Petit Stade is completed and it is now capable of hosting matches.

"We installed seats, a new pitch, elevated it, and it’s roofed. The same goes for the Paralympic Stadium. We changed its pillars, and now it’s finished," Ishimwe said.

The seating capacity of Petit Stade was reduced to accommodate comfortable seating for up to 1000 people.

Regarding parking, Ishimwe noted, "We’ve increased the parking spaces at both Petit Stade and the main stadium. The land was expanded, adding more parking spaces, exceeding 2000."

Ticket scanning machines for fans entering the stadium and elevators for upper-level access have been installed.

The new Amahoro Stadium will feature rooms for press work, differing from the previous setup where journalists worked from higher stadium levels during games.

"There will be areas for them to follow the game and separate spaces for writing and broadcasting what they’ve observed," Ishimwe added.

Teams will have separate entrances to avoid interactions. The locker room can accommodate four teams simultaneously, two playing and two potentially playing afterwards.

The pitch is complete, and the grass is being maintained to ensure it grows properly.

"The pitch is finished; we’re focusing on grass growth. Additionally, we’re finalizing the outer areas used for athletics, planning to start marking the running tracks within a couple of weeks."

"The spectator stands are complete; if there were a match today, people could sit without any issues."

The VIP area has been equipped with soundproof glass and rooms for officials to converse without the noise from fans.

The Ministry of Sports will have its offices in the stadium, located behind the section facing BK Arena.

Two large broadcast screens have been installed in the stadium, with more to be added in the VIP and press areas for better game viewing.

Beyond this, the stadium complex includes a training field and facilities for basketball, tennis, and volleyball.