Rwanda’s COVID-19 testing capacity gets boost with donation of equipment worth Rwf 150m

On 3 June 2021 at 06:43

The Government of Rwanda has received two equipment worth Rwf 150 million that will be used at referral laboratory for Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests.

The new machines donated by the Government of Japan through the World Health Organization (WHO) were handed over to Rwanda on Wednesday 2nd May 2021.
As he received these machines, the Minister of Health, Dr. Daniel Ngamije they will assist to do more tests in a faster way.

“These machines boost our capacity to do tests easily and faster because they are equipped with advanced technology whereby we can obtain test results with no delays. It capacitates us to do more tests per day. The Government of Rwanda has put forward plans to restore the economy and bring the situation to normal. Doing tests for people attending different activities is part of responsibilities of the Ministry of Health. It will be better finding us with capacity to do tests in a faster way,” he said.

After acquiring the new equipment, Rwanda will be capable of doing at least 3,000 from the current 1,000 PCR tests per day.

The Ministry of Health has revealed that the two machines will be used at Kigali International Airport and the National Referral Laboratory in Kigali city.

The Acting WHO Country Representative, Dr. Ndoungou Salla Ba said that Rwanda is among leading countries with much effort through different initiatives to defeat COVID-19 pandemic adding that received machines will help the country to cut the time that people spend waiting for test results.

“We continue our partnership with the Government of Rwanda along the journey to defeat the pandemic,” he noted.

Masahiro Imai, the Ambassador of Japan to Rwanda also emphasized that the support seeks to realize high-level test results and strengthen Rwanda’s national response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

From left: The Director General of RBC, Dr. Nsanzimana Sabin; Japan's Ambassador in Rwanda, Masahiro Imai; the Minister of Health, Dr. Ngamije Daniel and the Acting WHO Country Representative, Dr. Ndoungou Salla Ba at the handover of COVID-19 testing machines.