Rwanda sets new public transport tariffs after scrapping subsidy

On 13 March 2024 at 12:24

Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) has unveiled a revised tariff structure for public transportation across the country, a move precipitated by the government’s decision to scrap its subsidy. Consequently, passengers will now be obligated to cover the entire cost of their journeys.

The official announcement of the subsidy removal came on the morning of Tuesday, March 12, signaling a significant shift in the financial responsibility for public transportation.

The subsidy, which previously shouldered between 40% and 50% of the total transportation costs, will no longer cushion travelers.

RURA’s newly established tariffs surpass the previously applicable rates.

For instance, a trip from the city center to Nyamirambo, terminating at Kuryanyuma, is now priced at Rwf243. Similarly, a journey from the city center to a location known as ‘Kuryanyuma’ in Nyamirambo, via Nyabugogo, will cost Rwf307.

Several other routes have experienced price hikes as well. The fare from Nyabugogo to the city center has risen to Rwf205, from Kimironko to the city center at Rwf355, from the city center to Kacyiru at Rwf371, city center to Kinyinya at Rwf402, and from Kabuga to Kimironko at Rwf420.

Tariffs exhibit variability based on destinations. For instance, the fare from Nyabugogo to Gasanze is set at Rwf462, while a passenger heading from Nyabugogo to Kinyinya will need to pay Rwf342.

In addition to intra-city routes, new tariffs have been announced for inter-provincial trips. Notably, Nyabugogo-Base is priced at Rwf1593, Nyabugogo-Musanze at Rwf2811, Nyabugogo-Kayonza at Rwf2310, and Nyabugogo-Kiramuruzi at Rwf3070.

These revised tariffs are slated to come into effect on March 16, 2024. The government underscores that while these tariffs have recently been revised, they were initially established in 2020 but underwent temporary reduction due to a subsidy granted to travelers in response to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr. Jimmy Gasore, the Minister of Infrastructure, provided rationale for the withdrawal of the government subsidy.

He highlighted ongoing reforms, including an increase in the number of public transport vehicles and the sector’s opening to anyone with the necessary qualifications.

Presently, 14 agencies are authorized to transport passengers in the City of Kigali, in addition to four others operating independently.

Rwanda has set new public transport tariffs after scrapping subsidy.