Rwanda signs Host Country Agreement with Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropy to support entrepreneurial development interventions in Rwanda

On 7 October 2020 at 09:11

Rwanda Government has signed a Host Country Agreement with Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropy (AGGP) to promote entrepreneurship skills development and employment for young Rwandans. Rwanda will also become a hub of the organisation in the Eastern Africa region.

AGGP’s vision is to alleviate poverty through job creation by supporting high potential individuals to become high impact, responsible entrepreneurs. The activities of the organisation will be implemented under two programs; Jasiri and Wavumbuzi.

Jasiri will offer a one year Talent Investor program for high potential individuals who display exceptional entrepreneurial potential and drive to take their aspirations through the entire entrepreneurial development journey towards launching and growing their businesses.

The Jasiri Accelerator will support businesses created through the Talent Investor program as well as existing businesses that show potential for significant growth by addressing critical barriers to entrepreneurship success.

The Wavumbuzi Entrepreneurship Challenge, an online program, will nurture entrepreneurial mindsets and shift perceptions of the value of entrepreneurship among secondary school students.

Commenting on the partnership, Anthony Farr, CEO of Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropy, said: “For the 21st century to genuinely be the African century, we have no choice but to harness the full potential of the entrepreneurial spirit across the continent. After 15 years in this field, in establishing a regional hub in Rwanda and launching the Jasiri and Wavumbuzi programs, we seek to give further energy and support to the increasing momentum of the entrepreneurial activity and leadership in the country.”

Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropy Country Director, Aline Kabanda, said: “Entrepreneurship has been identified as a catalyst for Rwandans to not only bring to life their own business ideas but to also build enterprises which create employment opportunities for others. I am excited at the prospect of contributing to the basis from which our young people can launch their entrepreneurial ventures and develop job creating opportunities together.”

Clare Akamanzi, Chief Executive Officer of the Rwanda Development Board said: “Rwanda understands the importance of entrepreneurship, and we are very excited that Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropy have chosen Rwanda as their Eastern Africa hub. This kind of investment is critical and their entry fits into Rwanda’s strategy of becoming a Pan-African innovation and entrepreneurial hub. We are all excited about the future of entrepreneurship in Rwanda.”

About Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropy

Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropy forms part of the broader Gray philanthropy ecosystem. At the heart of this ecosystem is the intention to create a sustainable impact across the geographies in which we operate. As a group, we identify strongly with the central theme of the various philanthropic pursuits undertaken, which can be summarised as entrepreneurship for the common good. This theme is predominantly pursued through fostering entrepreneurs, who will create jobs and contribute to addressing high unemployment and poverty.

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Rwanda signs Host Country Agreement with Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropy to support entrepreneurial development interventions in Rwanda