Rwandan Police peacekeepers in CAR conduct Umuganda

On 27 August 2023 at 07:35

Rwanda Formed Police Unit Three (RWAFPU-3) deployed in Bangassou under the UN Multidimensional Integrated Mission in Central Africa Republic (MINUSCA), on Saturday, August 26, joined residents the local residents of Ngombe village, Mbomou Prefecture in a communal work, Umuganda.

The communal exercise focused on sanitation and hygiene activities to fight and prevent illnesses caused by poor hygiene like malaria and gasto-intestinal diseases.

The Rwandan police peacekeepers headed by their contingent commander, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Athanase Ruganintwari, were also joined by the Governor of Mbomou, Madam Bengurre Pierrette, the Police Commissioner, Theodore Greraze as well as the Central African army (FACA) in Mbomou, and the UN Police personnel deployed in MINUSCA Bangassou Field Office.

The exercise involved bush clearing, collecting litter and opening water trenches.

Governor Bengurre commended the Rwandan peacekeepers for the continued contribution towards security, health, and the wellbeing of the local people.

She added that such communal activities promote the ideals of self-reliance and urged the residents to embrace this culture.

"We thank Rwanda FPU for organizing this communal exercise, which is very important to us. We have entered into the rainy season thus slashing bushy neighborhoods and promoting hygiene is key to fighting especially malaria. I encourage our citizens and particularly residents of Mbomou to embrace such ideals and conduct Umuganda every Saturday," Madam Bengurre said.

SSP Ruganintwari said that the community work was in line with the existing partnership and to continue protecting residents against any threats to life, including poor hygiene and related diseases.

The contingent commander urged the residents to own such activity for their social wellbeing, protect the environment, and called for continued partnership in ensuring their safety and security.

One of the local residents, Richard Mbokakette, who participated in Umuganda, said that the activity is very important to them, and appreciated the Rwandan Police peacekeepers for being close to them.

"Rwandan Police peacekeepers have showed us a very good example to follow, working together in such social community exercise is very paramount.

We don’t have this good culture here in our country and it is necessary and beneficial to us as a community working together for the common cause," said Mbokakette.

The Rwandan Formed Police Unit operating in Bangassou has since its deployment in November last year, conducted several community development activities, such as providing free medical services, conducting medication and health care to people of Bangassou as well as community policing activities like sports.

The RWAFPU-3 of 180 officers is an additional contingent deployed in Bangassou city in November last year, about 720km out of the capital Bangui.