Rwandans living in Russia and Belarus commemorate Genocide against Tutsi

On 23 April 2022 at 11:55

Rwandans and friends of Rwanda have been joined by diplomats accredited to Russia to commemorate the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

The event which took place on 21st April 2022 in a hybrid format started with lighting the flame of remembrance and observing a moment of silence to honour Genocide victims.

The President of Rwandan Community in Russia and Belarus, Alexis Ruhinda has said that the commemoration of Genocide victims is a moment to reflect on the country’s history and prevent reoccurrence.

He requested the Ambassador of Cameroun to the country, Mahamat Paba Sale , who also served as the Head of African envoys accredited to Russia to mobilize more youth from African countries living in Russia to join Rwandans during times of commemoration.

Ruhinda explained that it is helpful to learn from Rwanda’s dark history to prevent reoccurrence of the atrocities.

Mahamat Paba Sale, comforted Rwandans noting that he was shocked to see the extreme cruelty with which the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi was executed.

He commended Rwanda for remarkable progress after the dark past that it has become a role model in Africa and across the world in terms of good governance, technology, peacekeeping and women empowerment.

Pavel Kolesnikov, heading the association of friends of Rwanda in Russia hailed Rwandans for their courage to rebuild the country that was once reduced to ashes.

He revealed that it is a critical time for the world to learn from the experience of Rwandans in unity and reconciliation.

Vsevolod Igorevich Tkachenko, the Director of the Africa Department at Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs also sent a message of comfort to Rwandans as they commemorate Genocide against Tutsi for the 28th time.

The message reads that the country stands with the rest of the world and Rwandans to honour Genocide victims.

He commended Rwanda for achieved progress under the stewardship of visionary leaders which put an end to ethnic divisions, promoted unity and reconciliation, peace and security and helped the country to overcome the dark past.

Rwanda’s ambassador to Russia, Lt. Gen Frank Mushyo Kamanzi also highlighted that commemorating the Genocide is a moment to pay tribute to more than 1 million Tutsis killed on the basis of their identity, comforting survivors and thank those who stopped it.

He took the opportunity to call for concerted efforts to tackle Genocide denial and trivialization spread through different platforms.

Lt Gen Mushyo also urged countries accommodating Genocide fugitives to bring them before court or deport them to Rwanda to face justice.

A moment of silence was observed to honour Genocide victims.
Rwanda's ambassador to Russia, Lt Gen Frank Mushyo Kamanzi commended participants for joining Rwanda to comemmorate Genocide against Tutsi.
The event took place in a hybrid format.
Vsevolod Igorevich Tkachenko, the Director of the Africa Department at Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs also sent a message of comfort to Rwandans.