Safety and security register highest performance in ninth edition of RGS, service delivery experiences drop

On 14 October 2022 at 02:27

Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) has released the 9th edition of Rwanda Governance Scorecard (RGS) where Security and Safety of Rwandans maintained the lead as the highest scoring pillar with 95.53% while service delivery experienced a drop with a score of 77.69% from 81.86% registered of last year.

The details emerged at the launch of the 9th edition of RGS on Friday 14th October 2022.

RGS is an independent annual publication of the RGB that seeks to gauge the state of governance in Rwanda, comprehensively assesses governance in using both primary and secondary data sources.

It is mainly designed to generate credible and reliable data on governance issues, serves as practical tool that drives policy reform in the domain of governance through the identification of areas for improvement and generates actionable recommendations and to contribute to current and authentic knowledge formation about Rwanda.

Like previous editions, the research carried out in this year was entrenched on eight pillars, 35 indicators and 144 variables. The pillars include; :(1) Rule of Law, (2) Political Rights and Civil liberties, (3) Participation and Inclusiveness, (4) Safety and Security,(5) Investing in Human and Social Development, (6)Control of corruption, Transparency and Accountability, (7) Quality of service delivery, (8) Economic and corporate governance.

The CEO of RGB, Dr. Usta Kaitesi has said that the pillars are aimed at promoting transparency and accountability in resources allocation.

They are also aimed at promoting citizens’ inclusiveness and rule of law among others.

As for the overall performance of pillars, five out of eight scored 80% and above, where the Safety and Security leads with a score of 95.53% and remains the highest performing pillar since the introduction of RGS.

The Rule of Law performed at 90.81% while Political Rights and Civil Liberties registered 87.84%. The latter recorded the highest rate of increase (4.04%) compared to the 8th edition.

The pillar of Anti-Corruption, Transparency and Accountability scored 87.31% up from 86.77% while Participation and Inclusiveness scored 87.19% from 84.19% in the previous edition.

Meanwhile, three pillars registered scores below 80%. These include Economic and Corporate Governance which scored 77.85% from 74.65% of the previous edition as well as the Quality of service delivery registered 77.69%.

Among others, the pillar of Investing in human and social development registered the lowest performance of the RGS 9th Edition with a score of 75.81%.

The Deputy Resident Representative the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) in Rwanda, Varsha Redkar-Palepu congratulated Rwanda for the production and launch of the 9th edition of RGS.

She stressed the need to reflect on the outcome of the RGS 9th edition, and adjust management approach to meet current needs.