Sainte Famille Hotel reintroduces Orchestre Impala and Rwandan cuisine

By Esther Muhozi
On 9 May 2024 at 05:13

Sainte Famille Hotel has recently reopened its kitchen, offering a menu of authentic African and Rwandan cuisine complemented by a unique traditional Rwandan beer that is exclusive to this hotel and not readily found elsewhere.

The hotel launched this menu in March of this year under the ’Sunday African Cuisine’ initiative, which has become popular for its authentic preparation. Early patrons of this cuisine when the kitchen first opened commented on finding a great spot for meals prepared traditionally without excessive spices.

Following a break for the 30th commemoration of the Rwandan Genocide against the Tutsi, the management of Sainte Famille Hotel has announced that the kitchen is now open again, and they are ready to welcome numerous guests.

Bukumura Egide, the General Manager of Sainte Famille Hotel, stated that ’Sunday African Cuisine’ has reopened and they have all Rwandan dishes available, along with the unique traditional beer that cannot be found elsewhere in Kigali.

He said, "‘Sunday African Cuisine’ is an assembly of African dishes primarily Rwandan that people have long requested because they needed them. These are oil-free meals that you can’t find in other hotels in Kigali; this is a novelty for our customers. We started before the commemoration period and had a great attendance. Now we have resumed, reminding our customers that we are back."

He continued, "These are traditional Rwandan dishes cooked in the old ways, allowing one to eat without hurry as there are no spices added. Another aspect is that these meals are accompanied by Rwandan music from Orchestre Impala, all prepared in the Rwandan style."

Bukumura added that these meals are served with traditionally brewed beer.

He mentioned, "Here at Sainte Famille Hotel, we have quality beer, and now it’s been taken to another level in preparation because we also have a certification from the National Standards Bureau regarding cleanliness."

The ’Sunday African Cuisine’ kitchen is open every Sunday from noon to 10 PM, but the hotel management says that they might extend the hours depending on customer requests. The menu includes meals for adults and children at affordable prices.

The offerings include cassava, pumpkins, beans, mushrooms, fried or boiled plantains, maize, taro, and various other traditional Rwandan dishes, not forgetting the uniquely brewed traditional beer.

The offerings include various other traditional Rwandan dishes.
Sainte Famille Hotel has reintroduced Orchestra Impala and Rwandan cuisine.
These meals are accompanied by Rwandan music from Orchestre Impala.
The 'Sunday African Cuisine' kitchen is open every Sunday from noon to 10 PM.