SATO Rwanda donates toilet pans to GS Remera Catholique

On 30 August 2021 at 10:41

SATO Rwanda has donated plastic toilet pans to Groupe Scolaire Remera Catholique in a bid to continue promoting hygiene and sanitation among Rwandans.

Created in 2012 with the purpose to tackle the global sanitation challenge, SATO is an award-winning social business which aims to empower underserved communities so they can live safer and more confident lives. Sato offers innovative, aspirational yet affordable sanitation and hygiene solutions for a better toilet experience.

The company’s products have been developed based customers’ needs. They range from toilet pans and connection systems to tap for hand washing. SATO’s solutions are associated with durability and are easy to install.

SATO’s toilet pans are made of plastics and placed directly over pits.

During the handover of the toilet pans to Groupe Scolaire Remera Catholique on Friday 27th August 2021, SATO Rwanda management took the school’s administration and teachers through the use of such facilities and provided deeper explanations on how they are designed to improve hygiene and sanitation among students.

The Managing Director of SATO Rwanda, Cyrus Ntaganira stressed that the way the company’s toilets are designed allays fears for children using them and help to prevent poor hygiene related diseases.

“These toilets will promote hygiene among students and prevent diseases emanating from poor hygiene because they are easy to clean helping to eliminate odors and keep away flies. The school has over 2000 students including learners from kindergarten. Some of them feared to use existing toilets lest they fall in holes. Our toilets are safe for children and used easily,” he said.

Ntaganira also revealed that Sato Rwanda provides unique toilet pans easily cleaned without using much water.

SATO pans can be placed on pit latrines covered with trees, cement or tiles.

The Head Teacher of GS Remera Catholique, Odette Mujawamariya welcomed the donation which came in handy to help the school improve hygiene.

“We encourage students to embrace hygiene. These toilet pans will be very helpful to prevent bad odour. We have also received water saving hand washing facilities. It is therefore our responsibility shall take good care of provided facilities and replace damaged ones,” she said.

Marie Louise Umutesi who represented parents with children studying at GS Remera Catholique thanked SATO Rwanda for the great gesture and pledged to extend awareness about its products.

“Hygiene is the foundation of good health and will be helpful to children as they pursue studies. We shall also mobilize our neighbors to use such toilet pans to promote hygiene at home,” she said.

With footprints in different countries, SATO has been operating in Rwanda since 2017.

So far, it has three types of smart toilets some of which have uniqueness of a trap door that automatically opens and closes itself. They are particularly self-sealed or unsealed after use. Among others, these toilets allow immediate flow of disposed human waste and do not require much water while cleaning.

In April 2021, SATO Rwanda also donated six self-sealing toilets to Gahanga II Primary School located in Gahanga sector, Kicukiro district.

The toilet pans donated on Friday are easy to clean.
Ntaganira explaining specifications of available toilet pans.
Ntaganira showcasing one of toilet pans available at Sato Rwanda.
One of toilet pans for the elderly and differently abled persons.